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What I Wore Wednesday


Hi, I'm Jodi and I like to take pictures of my outfits :)

What I do not like, nor appreciate, is having to get a seashell out of my three year old's NOSTRIL, which happened yesterday when he stuffed one up there for no good reason that I could come up with, other than the fact that he is three. 

But such is my life. 

And no, tweezers were not a good idea.

wrap sweater: Old Navy
tee: Shade
skinny jeans: Kohl's
boots: Costco
jewelry: Claire's

tunic: BCBG outlet
cardigan: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
boots: Costco

 new top: Kohl's (LOVE!)
skinny jeans: Target
boots: Walmart

(Close up of the top)

Murder Mystery dinner! (I was a millionaire's daughter)
my entire outfit was borrowed but I believe the dress is from Black House White Market.
And that's a real heirloom mink stole!

wrap sweater: Kohl's
tee: Shade
denim skirt: Goodwill
boots: Walmart
belt: rummage sale
necklace: SarieJune

Monday & Tuesday: Spring Break moshing is in FULL FORCE
(this means sweats and no pictures thankyouverymuch)

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  1. i love love love the yellow tunic! thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I really love your style. You always dress so cute! I have those same Walmart boots :)

    Enjoy your Spring break!!

  3. Love that Kohl's top and your Sunday outfit looks really good on you!

  4. That Kohl's top is awesome! You really work those Walmart boots--LOVE them!

  5. i heart kohl's!! and i love your yellow dress!!

    p.s. love your blog name!! ;)

  6. okay really the new kohls top it the bomb! I need one ASAP!
    I also love the dress and the last outfit so my favs!

  7. love the new Kohls tee.... and you look gorgeous in your murder mystery outfit! ... and I LOL when you mentioned the seashell up your 3 year old's nose... ummm sounds very familiar over here.

  8. Love the new kohls shirt, cute! I had to laugh about your 3 year daughter did the same thing (except with a bead) when she was that age. And I agree, tweezers were NOT a good idea;o)

  9. Super cute clothes and you are so beautiful !
    Love the top from Khols too :)
    This up kids noses are bad news...Oh kids :)
    Come follow me back :)

  10. oh my goodness Beeper!! how did you get it out?!. That aside, like everyone else, said the new top ..a "wondermous" addition ..way cute ..and so was your yellow tunic : D

  11. Great outfits! You look beautiful in all of them. I'm loving that mustard tunic- it's my favorite color right now.

    I'm so sorry about the seashell. That does not sound like fun! When I was in kindergarten I stuck a rock up my nose, but I was too scared to tell my teacher, so it stayed up there all day. ;)

  12. Love your second outfit! :-)

  13. I love it all! I tried it again this week, but I really need to step it up and take some notes! I ordered a couple of new cardigans from Oldnavy; that's my start! :)

    take care...Jodi

  14. You always look great but WHOA at your little black dress outfit. GORGEOUS! -Lauran