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What I Wore Wednesday - the short edition


Not to be confused with the "shorts" edition, because that would only be happening in our wildest dreams here in Oregon. Where, as of yesterday, we reached a new record of rainy days during the month of March: 28 of the past 29 days. 

I'm beginning to see what Noah might have felt like back on the ark! 

No, it's a short edition because I only have four outfit pictures - and for this I blame the end of Spring break last week, in which I wore the same pair of sweatpants for 3 days straight, and for scrapbooking this week, which also requires sweatpants for maximum craft comfort. 

I'm pretty sure no one would be inspired by a photo of them.

Last Wednesday
tunic: Dress Barn clearance
cardigan: Old Navy outlet
skinny jeans: Target
boots: Costco
half-naked child: mine

dress: Target
tee: Shade
cardigan: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
cardy Uggs: Nordstrom
belt: from high school
lone bracelet in this sad, accessory lacking outfit: Goodwill

maxi dress: Dress Barn 
cardigan: Old Navy
sandals: rummage sale (time for a pedicure!)
jewelry: Walmart and Claire's

dress: Old Navy
cardigan and belt: yard sales
leggings and boots: Walmart
lack of jewelry: I've fallen off the accessory wagon! Help!

Seriously, must accessorize better this next week. 

So, there you have it! Check out other WIWW girls at 
the pleated poppy blog

And have a rain-free day!


  1. Super adorable!! Love your maxi dress. I need one. I hear they are super comfy!! :)

  2. Love those dresses honey and I hope it warms up for you soon. Have a great week. ax

  3. You look adorable! And incredibly awesome for having three kids! Love the blog! I am stopping by from the Pleated Poppy.

  4. you lok the dresses! I need ot get some! I have none right now :(

  5. You looked great this week. I love that Old Navy dress in the last pic. And about the accessories: is it that you dont own many or you're just not feeling inspired? If its the latter, just start playing around with what you have. And dont be afraid to layer them either!
    Have a great day:)

  6. lovin' on that old navy bird dress... adorable... and the ruffle dress from Dress Barn... LOVE IT...

  7. I love that last dress from old navy! adorable! happy wednesday!

  8. I think you look great! I took last week off of WIWW and still only have six pictures to post this week so my hat is off to you!!!



  9. Cute as always! Love the maxi dress and the butterfly dress from ON!!

  10. Ooh Sunday is so very Spring like...very cute..too bad the weather hasn't caught up yet.

  11. You always dress so cute! I love the maxi dress, how fun!

    Our oldest is currently living in Oregon and going to college there. We live in WA and so fortunately, or unfortunately, he is used to all the rain, lol!

  12. As always, you look gorgeous! I especially like your plaid tunic and the blue ruffle dress. And, I have those boots from Costco! :)

    Also, I'm a big fan of sweatpants for maximum creativity and productivity, too. :)

  13. Cute dresses!!! You always look great :)

  14. I'm laughing at the stripper behind you on the first picture. Ha!

  15. I love the long Target dress...a coworker of mine just wore the same dress today & look so cute in it as well! I totally need to get me one for this spring/summer!

  16. I guess I read the wrong caption...the Dress Barn dress I mean!

  17. Great outfits; I just love all the dresses! I am ready for some warm weather here so I can wear some different clothes! :)


  18. Love all the dresses! Super cute maxi dress!

  19. All the outfits are cute, but I love the butterfly dress! Very cute, and spring like:)

  20. OOO I love all the dresses-and I feel your pain, I'm in Oregon too! Just had a sunny day yesterday and today and am LOVING IT!
    Found you on the Pleated Poppy...Come link up your cute style over at my party too!