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Welcoming spring


We celebrated the beginning of spring and the glory of daylight savings hours with our first outdoor dinner the other night. 

(Those are the plates after dinner was finished. I do not feed my family chicken bones and potato skins, I promise.) 

After we ate, the kids showed off their sweet moves on the trampoline.

They performed a few flips...

And even Blake got in on the action. 

It was so fun to enjoy the outdoors again. Without a torrential downpour.

I love my family and I love the start of a new season.


  1. Me too. Hey, nice action shots, how fun. ( can't wait till it gets warmer though.)

  2. I liked your one sentence that said, "After we ate the kids..."! you really should stick to eating the chicken and potatoes. It's much healthier for the kids:)

  3. Great pictures, I am so ready for warm weather!


  4. Haha Tricia... she's right Jodi, comma's are our friend for a reason!!

    Cute pics though.

  5. Tricia and Kelly: hardy har har :) Just to please the two of you I fixed my grammatical error!