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An uncanny resemblance


At Cooper and Blake's birthday party last weekend Kendall opened her "hair solon" for business. 

Her first customers were cousins Mark and Drew and buddy Kyle.

Next up was Uncle Tim - what a trooper.
After she gave him his "faux hawk" we thought he looked like someone kinda familiar... 

So my mother-in-law put her reading glasses on him. 

Umm, weird.

Hello Sam Adams, mayor of Portland!

Alright so they're not identical, but we still all got a big kick out of it.

That Kendall has talent I tell ya!


  1. lol @ Tim's expression while his stylist is working on him, lololol
    And o my Sweet Lord, that is an uncanny resemblance with the mayor!

  2. Tim, Maybe you can sneak in and take his place as mayor. They'll never know!!

  3. O my Isaac and I just got a good laugh!! they do look alike in those pictures! so funny!!!

  4. Great "Hair Works" have some pretty neat cousins for being so obliging as for uncle Tim ..well he probably should get a prize ; D

  5. Wow, he does look a lot like me. I wonder if he can run a big city with the same success I've had?

    Peace out!

  6. I was drinking my coffee and almost did a spit take. Ha ha! Oh yes PLEASE let's switch them.

    Kendall is too cute.

  7. I'll never look at Tim the same again!

  8. um.. not identicacl?? total superman clark kent thing happening here. too funny. no one will believe you that he isn;t running cities in his spare time. ;) thanks for stopping bye. and um thanks. i am not used to taking pictures of my self in outfits and felt kind of like a goober. so thanks. :)

  9. Hey Tim next time you & Sam are shoot'n the breeze in front of the City water cooler, you should have your picts taken.