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Three things about me


1. I'm a sucker for Costco's sample tables. Odds are, 7 times out of 10, I'll leave the store buying one new thing because I liked it at the sample table. 

Well played, Costco, well played.

If I don't buy it I either refuse to make eye contact, or I pretend I'm interested before beelining it away from the table because I don't want to disappoint the sales person. How silly is that? Like they don't know everyone in the store just wants the free snack. 

It's called "conflict avoidance" and I'm it's Queen.

2. I didn't know that PMS-induced acne would ignore the fact that I am now in my thirties and would continue to treat me as though I'm 15. I find this very rude and would avoid no conflict at all if only there was a way to give it a piece of my mind. 

In other words, I'm suffering a few "spots". Lame. 

3. I'm STILL working on potty-training this guy. 

Rockin' the Buzz Lightyear briefs
I don't know why it's been so difficult this time around, Kendall and Cooper were both trained well before now by this age. All I can tell myself is that he will get it eventually. And that every time he gets a candy for a success on the potty I might as well have one too, you know, for all my effort ;)

(I make sure to keep stocked with the good stuff. That would be chocolate.)


  1. I feel the same way at Costco when I am not intending to buy the sample product. How come I can't just say thanks and walk away? Reminds me of my one time telemarketing experience. Epic Failure!

  2. smiling as I read as always!

  3. My mom always said, "I've never met a 17-year old in diapers". Don't sweat it!

  4. So cute! I agree w/ the PMS acne, so unfair! Costco, never been there, yah!! I am not even sure where there is one around here, but it's probably a good thing! The potty training...I seriously thought my daughter was never going to be potty trained! I tried everything from movies to money..nope until she made up her mind; it was no go.

    Take care! Jodi

  5. Cute little hiney there "B" !
    I claim "potty rights" which alone, endorse, if not encourage all forms of chocolatey goodness as suitable reward for all efforts on behalf of the parent ...thus, I would certainly be happy to hop on that band wagon with you.

  6. Jodi, you have never been to Costco! That's a crime! Costco is grocery shopping on steroids:) Great post, other Jodi:)

  7. I gotta chime in here & say that I have never been to Costco either. We don't have one locally but maybe I'll have to google & try to find one somewhat nearby!

  8. on the potty training thing - I found that "I" had to be ready, not just my son! he turned three and still no progress, my first was 2 1/2 and second was a couple weeks shy of 3 - so it was new territory for me to be celebrating a third birthday with zero potty training success. but, something miraculous happened, I realized that HE was ready ... then I waited another week and prepared myself, so I was ready ... it's been successful beyond my expectations! good luck with it!