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Monday confessional


I have a new addiction: kindle scrabble. 

It was a .99 cent download from and it has taken over my life. I HAVE to win. 

Except that I can't, because the game pits you against the computer and the computer cheats and uses words like "xi" and "qi" and "ukase" and "tibiae" and "mu" and... hey, why didn't spellcheck underline any of those words as I typed them?!! 

Whatever, computer. I know you're totally making up words, and in cahoots with spellchecker too!

We had a nice and slowish weekend, hanging out with friends and playing games on Friday and Saturday night, but staying at home during the day on Saturday and on Sunday after church. I had great plans to do a little spring deep-cleaning, but somehow one scrabble game turned into two, and two turned into ten and before I knew it I was googling words on the internet, trying to take the computer DOWN. 

Project FAIL. 

And yet I continue trying. Unable to give in. Refusing to give up. Resorting to (which is a handy site let me tell you - but a lie, because I haven't won a game yet, let alone every game) in my effort to succeed.

And in the meantime, I'm happy to say that I've learned a new word or two to add to my vocabulary. You know, because a word like "sanies" is very helpful if I want to describe "a watery foul discharge from wounds or sores". Very helpful indeed.


  1. I discovered Kindle Scrabble at Eagle Crest this past week also. And I have yet to win a game. Ugh!

  2. I think I could have gone the rest of my life NOT knowing what "sanies" meant... thank you!

    I'm thinking you'd be really good at scattergories right now... not played on your Kindle or on a computer, but against real life people. Come back to people sister... people let you win!

  3. Ewwwwwwww: "sanies" - I didn't need to know that.

    Try the Every Word and Shuffled Row games for your Kindle. They were free when I got them and you don't have to compete with a computer.

  4. Not every person lets you win. Love ya, but wouldn't let you win:) Sanies? Really,Jodi?

  5. Thanks for the tip Lisa. And Ticia I know you wouldn't "let" me win, but you wouldn't be able to stop me! Mwahahaha!

  6. I play scrabble against other people on my phone... very addictive. I have learned the "Qi". What the "Qi" is I have no idea, I just know "Qi" = points if in the right place. I'll remember the "sanies" too.

  7. forget scrabble ..I'm talking over 100 levels of Super Granny 5 ..and I'm in it to win it..despite the fact that after nearly beating it, the computer shut off not saving it and sent me back to the begining !!!! aaagghh!!! "double bother" said Pooh!"