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Monday confessional


Confession #1: Until this past weekend, I had never made sugar cookies with my kids before. 


I don't know how that happened but it doesn't even sound AMERICAN does it?!

Well, situation rectified. Saturday turned out to be one of those increasingly rare days where we had no plans at all, and after accomplishing tasks like completing Kendall's school science project, sorting and organizing the kids' closet, taking apart and cleaning Blake's car seat (he's in a booster now!), and of course... laundry... we were ready for something fun and tasty. 

The problem was I had no chocolate chips (or any other flavor chips) for cookies, no lemons for creamy lemon bars, no berries for berry crisps, no bananas for banana bread, and no brownie mix. I'd just recently made apple crisp, Swiss caramel and no-bake cookies so didn't feel like repeating those, and with that I was out of ideas. And apparently groceries.

I actually pulled out a cookbook to look for an idea when Russ said, "what about sugar cookies?", and I realized those probably had very few ingredients. And I was correct. Well at least the Better Homes and Gardens recipe had very few.

Kendall and Cooper took turns adding ingredients, mixing, and rolling out the dough, Blake ate as much flour off the counter as he possibly could, and all the kids helped cut out shapes (with the only cutters we had - Christmas ones. Classy!).

The final product - decorated by the kids (in Spring colors to try and distract from the Christmas themed shapes :)
They, of course, LOVED it and so did I. 

Confession #2: By the end of the day on Sunday there were no more sugar cookies left and I may or may not have had A LOT to do with that. 


  1. Hi! I just happened across your blog and I am loving reading it!! You are too funny and your kiddos are adorable! Needless to follower here :o)


  2. I love - LOVE - that you used Christmas cookie cutters. That would've stopped so many people from making them! Clearly, with you, sweets have no bounds.

    And I haven't made sugar cookies from scratch before either!

  3. After one taste of the flour you would think Blake would stop trying to eat it. Apparently not!

  4. ..Easter stars, back to front J's happy people and with some imagination, fat guitars..yep, looks like Spring cookies to me :D

  5. ha ha Mum, very creative!
    (and Tricia, I thought he'd quit eating the flour too... weird child...)