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Friday thoughts


- You know you need a REAL shopping trip when the highlight of your grocery shopping day is buying new bathroom cleaner that sprays on in the form of a blue foam that turns white when clean. And you can't wait to try it out so you start cleaning your bathroom at 10:00 pm, and then you have to call your husband in to see the cool blue foam for himself, and he stares at you in concern before bursting out laughing and mocking you for the rest of the evening for being excited about a cleaning product. 

- Yes, a fun shopping trip is in the NEAR future. 

- Yesterday Blake turned three, but his party is not until next weekend, when he'll have not one, but TWO joint parties with his big brother Cooper, who will be turning eight. We planned to keep the day low-key so as not to confuse Blake, but that was sabotaged when Blake received an awesome video message on my cell phone from his Papa, who sang him happy birthday and announced that Blake was coming to Papa's house for a party! Blake immediately clapped and shouted "I'm getting pwesents!"

- So much for low-key. There is no explaining "it's in 8 more days" to a three year old.

- So after grocery shopping we had a pancake birthday dinner for Blake, with frozen fruit bars for dessert, and this is what Blake got for his present (the real ones will come at the party):

- Don't let your three year olds be jealous of the cool gifts my kids get. I know they're tough to beat.

- And speaking of birthdays, today just happens to be my big sister's!

Dear Kell-bell, 
I never knew when you bit me in the butt when I was little,
and fought with me over friends growing up,
and stole all my clothes when we were teenagers,
that you would be my best and closest friend now.
What a happy turn of events. 
So I will forgive you for all of the above
if you will forgive me for launching potato soup at you
and being so bossy
and arguing that I was, in fact, the older sister, 
no matter what Mum said.
Happy birthday!

Love Jods


  1. I was just as excited when I got the same new cleaning product, but a little let down when it didn't clean all my hard water stains like it said it would:( Better luck next time!

  2. I totally would have done the same thing with the cleaner!!

  3. Me too, I've been wanting to try that as well. Love the potty seat..way to circumnavigate the week long awaited party.This is what a 3 yr old knows about his Birthday, Blake:"Happy Birt day Haynn" .Hayden: "why kancoo Drate!" yep, when off with out a hitch!.

  4. That Kell Bell is HOT!

  5. Ummm... I believe we'll call it even and just be besties forever!!!

    Love you sis!!