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Cute as a button


Two weeks ago Kendall broke her glasses.

I actually thought it was pretty good timing, as it had been a year since she initially got them and it was time to go in for an exam to see if her prescription had changed. The plan was to get her old pair fixed under their warranty (to keep as a backup pair), and order a new pair as well.

Tuesday morning was our appointment and it didn't start off well when I made the catastrophic mistake of bringing Blake along. Note to self: 2 year olds and eyeglass centers DO NOT MIX.

Kendall's prescription changed pretty significantly, which we were told is very normal for her age, and new glasses were picked out, amidst much monkey-wrangling and restraining of said 2 year old. 

But then I found out that although Kendall is supposed to get her eyes checked yearly, our insurance only covers new glasses every two years, so we would have to pay for them completely out of pocket. In addition, her old glasses were now past their warranty so paying for them to be fixed plus get lenses with the new prescription for them would cost the same as a new pair.

Well phooey. 

To make matters worse, I was not sure that Kaiser's eye center (where we have insurance through) had the best pricing so I took Kendall and Blake to the mall to check out Lenscrafters and Binyon's. Where things went from difficult to downright hellacious with Blake. The trip was sadly not redeemed by a successful purchase. 2nd note to self: those store's claims of "buy one get one free" or "50% off!" are legit deals. ON FRAMES. They don't tell you about the $220 lenses though! 

So it was back to Kaiser to order the original pair Kendall picked out. And they arrived yesterday:

Totally worth the shopping trauma. Kendall LOVES them. And so do we.

*The stop at Auntie Anne's pretzels on the way out of the mall may have helped too.*


  1. This made me smile. I can truly envision Blake running around the glasses store like a mad man & you behind him the whole way LOL. Kendall's glasses look great. She's such a cutie. I love soft pretzels!!!


  3. Danielle KendallMarch 4, 2011 at 7:51 AM

    Sounds familiar! Blake is full of life!
    America's best eyewear in eastport plaza! I buy John's glasses there because our insurance only pays for glasses every two years, and hello like they last that long, good grief! If you take in the prescription its faster, but they do it there for free with the purchase of glasses, we get two pair for 69.99 and it only cost 69.99 they always want to add stuff that cost more than the glasses themselves but we just say no HOWEVER for 15.00 more dollars we buy the one year warrenty sooo worth it, and they do stand by it they have fixed or replaced his glasses everytime!

  4. Oh Blake... you & your cousin are one in the same (sad shake of the head) but Kendall - could you BE more adorable??? Auntie says no... no you couldn't! And please stop growing up now because I can't handle it!!

  5. Danielle I wish I had known about that place! As it is we had to pay $158.00 (which includes the warranty). Still way better priced than the mall stores though. Ah well, lesson learned. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Jodi, I forgot about America's best eye wear when you ask me about it. I haven't seen their commercials in a long time (out of sight out of mind.) I knew there was a catch to the mall stores deals. Just give all the facts up front people!! Kendall looks lovely in her glasses:)

  7. Sorry about the added moola :( and sorry about Mr fidget ..but way cuteness in the glasses dept!

  8. Oy, yeah, we've been there. Glad you survived.

    Just as a side note, Lenscrafters does have a 50% deal that includes lenses, but it only comes out a couple times a year. It is well worth it, just check the coupon to make sure that it specifically says "frames and lens pair).

  9. she's adorable! so are the glasses! and yes, I know all too well about the woes of purchasing them - my oldest wears glasses (and I'm praying she'll be the only one) and we usually do go to those places because our insurance doesn't pay ANYTHING for the glasses :c UGH. I did get her last pair cheaper, because they were still under warranty so I only had to pay half price for new lenses. still, SPENDY!

  10. Lovely Niece....Just lovely.

  11. That’s a pretty one! The purple frames emphasized the color of her eyes. Does she still wear it? I suppose her prescription lenses has already changed significantly, since it’s been years since this post. Well, I suggest she stick with thick frames as she looks best with it. Have a nice day!

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes