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I love Richard Scarry books. But that's actually not what I'm referring to. No, I'm talking about us, and busyLIFE is more like it. 

To recap what's been going on the past 7 days:

Last Friday: Sister's awesome roller party. Yep, I went roller skating again, and learned how to cross one leg over the other when going round corners like all the cool kids. Thank you, Tricia. With all that calorie burning I earned myself a dessert treat at Yo Top It with the girls on the way home! Mmm. 

Kelly, me, Nicole, Jana, Amy, Tricia, and Sairaina.

This is not to be confused with the dessert treat I ate before skating, at Red Robin where we went for dinner. That was purely eaten in the spirit of celebration :)

Sat and Sun: Worked on my Kendall's science board for science fair, attended kid's school auction where we decided to NOT spend money this year and of course walked away with a Sony blue-ray dvd surround sound system. Classic us. Church Sunday morning, lost power in the afternoon and crashed the folks.

Monday: prayer group in the morning, winter sports awards in the evening. Laundry, parenting and all that jazz in between. Stayed up till the wee hours affixing daughter's "finally dried from being glitter-painted 3 times" cut out title letters for her science board due at school in the morning with glue, popsicle sticks and pure determination. May have got sucked into the The Bachelor finale while doing this.

Tuesday: bible study in the morning, birthday present shopping for the boys with Russ and Kendall in the evening. Catch-up nap in between. Oh, and accidentally washed a dirty diaper with a load of laundry. That made my day.

Wednesday: birthday party supply shopping in the morning (not to be confused with the present shopping from the previous evening, because while Russ agreed to shop for toys, he wanted nothing to do with plates and napkins and deciding which color theme to go with when picking decorations). Baked four cakes in the afternoon, froze three and chucked one, cursed my overheating oven, attended church in evening. Where I did not curse.

Yesterday: Endured a 2 1/2 hour dentist appointment in the morning, re-baked my 4th cake, successfully this time, more housework, etc. etc. Science fair and art showcase in evening where I won Kendall won first place and a grand prize! Hurrah, all of my her hard work paid off! 

Today I will be attempting to layer my four cakes to make some version of this: 

made by my friend Jessica's husband. If he can do it so can I!
and throwing my boys' birthday party, which includes feeding 31 people dinner. We "Go big or go home" around these parts.

Tomorrow night Russ and I are attending a murder mystery dinner for a friend's 40th birthday and before then I need to come up with ensembles for a fancily dressed up millionaire's daughter and a chauffer. I am nothing if not a last-minute Lucy (I just made that up. Sounds cute right?). As this will probably include thrift store shopping it should be a FUN day.

And on Sunday it's birthday party #2 for the boys, along with my sister, brother-in-law, and a family friend, in one big combined dessert laden fiesta. Because we're suckers for chaos and mayhem. And sugar.

Next week is Spring Break and my big plans are to take a nap every single day and to NOT drive back and forth to town, school and church multiple times a day. I'm looking forward to it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your week sounds as chaotic as mine! Great job on the Science project. Sis (really means I) have one due on the 28th so I really have got to get started.

  2. love the pictures of the girls night out

  3. I know...could we have crammed more things in one week? 2 sports awards and then spring showcase? Great recap, but after reading, I feel a bit tired and a nap coming on. :)

  4. Whew, what a week! Still sad we can't come to the boys' birthday party tonight, hope the cake turns out great. Oh and I am glad that you have chosen to not curse at have come so far :) Love ya, have a great weekend!

  5. I, I mean Drew also won 1st place and grand champion at the science fair ( thank the good Lord it is over!)I was so excited for me, I mean him, of course:) Well, laid plans for spring break. I hope they actually happen for you. I already have two doctor appointments made for my children. Good times!

  6. Take notes for me on the mystery part and acting part of the mystery please dinner, I plan to drill you on it.

  7. Jodi this was such a crack up..I loved every bit ..( especially the last line of Sunday ..too funny and yes,last minute lucy IS a very cute name :D