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Awkward and Awesome


- one of your children finding something they made you in the garbage, where you secretly threw it away, and then bringing it to you with a look of utter confusion and betrayal on their face.
- that moment when you realize the person you are enthusiastically waving at across the store parking lot is not who you thought it was.
- and the look on their face as they stare at you blankly.
- showing up 10 minutes late to church last night and finding out the service has moved into a classroom in which everyone is facing the door, so they can all watch you as you take the walk of shame into the room and find the only two seats left... right in the front row.
- being given a little clear cup to go potty in at the doctor's office and coming out of the ONE AND ONLY bathroom with it to find you have to carry it past a line of ladies and men waiting for their turn. Again with the walk of shame!

- the steamed cauliflower and cheese sauce I made to go along with my pork roast dinner last night. And the kudos I received from everyone, except Blake, who was pretty suspect and not inclined to try it out (except by force). That was not so awesome.
- deferring all of Kendall's math homework problems to Russ when she needs help (because we all know who's better at it) and then retreating to the bedroom for some quiet solitude while he pulls his hair out in frustration trying to teach her.
-having all your favorite shows back on TV again and then going to your sister-in-law's to watch them with her (because husbands don't appreciate Survivor and The Amazing Race the way you both do).
- being visited by your sister who comes bearing treats... homemade carrot cake and lemon sugar cookies, which were "for the family" but turned out to be way too delicious to share.
- the new Kindle book lending program, named "Lendle". Get it? Lend... And Kindle... together... oh, you caught that? Clever, clever ;) Anyway, it's AWESOME.


  1. Love it all. Shared one of your stories with a lady at work yesterday, she wants me to send her your site.

  2. I hate those little plastic cups. I feel like EVERYONE in the room is staring at me when I walk out :)
    Great post!

  3. I got hung up salivating over the cauliflower with cheese sauce Yum!..I have got to go and get one now.

  4. Hahaha to the walk of shame into the front row last night... I laughed whilst up front because I could see that "awkward" all over your face and knew exactly what you were thinking.

    Hopefully my carrot cake helped cover some of that shame.

  5. I guess the part where I leaned to you and said "akward" as you graciously took the front row seats didn't really help matters either huh?

  6. Oh, silly awkward moments of life. They must be loved (or hated!)you are right husbands do not appreciate the finer things of life like Survivor and Amazing Race (we will take solace in each other!)Love you:)

  7. You dress so cute. Love your styles.