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The 3 party weekend (Part Two)


To recap the 2nd and 3rd parties of the weekend (see yesterday's post for party #1) I'm going to let the pictures do the talking... because there are a lot of them. 


Party #2: our friend Marcy-Jo's 40th birthday bash: "Murder at Mystery Mansion" (Saturday)
Meet Neal the chauffer and Katherine, middle daughter of the late millionaire Mr. Rochester
This was the first murder mystery dinner that we'd ever participated in and we highly enjoyed it. I was able to borrow a driving hat and bow-tie for Russ and my entire outfit, head to foot, was loaned from my friend Jessica. No money spent on costumes made it even more fun!

(Although I could have sprung for a higher neckline because, hellooo cleavage! Yikes.)

Someone even brought an extra Mink stole - and just like that I became the rich snob I'd always dreamed of ;)
Best dressed winners of the night were Joyce the maid (with her husband the butler) and my father! Who played the deceased's best friend (well done Mum for the costume). I've never seen someone embrace their part more enthusiastically. Dad was AWE.SOME.

The dinner was amazing (with Erik and Tricia and friends Tom and Nicole)
and the dessert buffet was out of this world. Every single dessert was made by the birthday girl herself!
Happy birthday Marcy-Jo - fabulous at 40!

After the mystery was solved (Russell did it!) MarcyJo danced with her husband before the floor was opened up and a full on dance party began. DJ and all, people. We weren't expecting this but decided to let loose and live it up, as witnessed in the following pictures...

In case you can't tell, we had a jolly good time. Thank you MarcyJo and Randy for the STELLAR party.

Party #3: Family party with my side of the fam celebrating all the March birthdays - Kelly, Dave, Cooper, Blake, and friend "Grandma" Tracy (Sunday)
Happy birthday guys!
We stuffed ourselves on an awesome dinner and dessert spread before the birthday peeps opened their gifts:

Including the most popular gifts of the event: The socker boppers. 

And they haven't stopped being played with since. 

Seriously, I need protection. (Especially from my husband, who LOVES them! HELP!)

And thus concludes the party weekend of 2011. It was GRAND.


  1. We USED to have Socker Boppers. Enough said. ;-)

  2. We had a blast with you guys !!! Thanks for letting us sit next to you. And gasp that Russell did it, he did great acting. :)
    More pics to come.

  3. Fun recap, and going to practice blowing out candles in a mirror from now on because seriously...eeek!!

  4. great pics and recap Jod. great party. :D

  5. Great pictures! I think you and your hunny look great! :)

    It's funny our birthday parties usually end up being strewn out several days too! :)

    Take care! Jodi