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10 more things


It's been a while since I've done a "10 Things" list so today I'm breaking one out, mainly because I'm feeling a bit lazy. So lazy in fact, that I'm not going to even go with a theme here. Prepare to experience my random train of thought...

1. Natural disasters suck. In more ways than one. They are devastatingly awful of course, and they also keep you glued to the news - sucking you into late night video clip after video clip that leave you feeling nothing but helpless. And tired in the morning. 

2. I am grateful for all the wonderful organizations and individuals that are able to go help, and I'm grateful for the option of making a donation to help via text message; it can't get much simpler than that. 

3. Does that make me lazy? I think I'll choose to believe that makes me a giver.

4. The thing is, I want to be a doer too. The laid back and content-at-home me does NOT want to be a doer. 

5. We battle. Much like the laundry and I battle. I'd say laid back me and the laundry both conquer quite often. 

6. I make myself feel better about this with chocolate. HA! Just kidding. Kind of

7. What really makes me feel better is Jesus, who lives inside of me, and promises to continue to complete a good work in me until the day He comes again. I love Him.

8. And I love that mini Cadbury cream eggs are only 1 point each on Weight Watchers. Believe you me, I have STOCKED UP. (Since we were speaking of chocolate.)

9. What I do NOT love is horror movies - I made the mistake of going to the first Scream movie when it came out back when I was a teenager. For a person that used to deal with serious fear issues about being along at night, I don't think I could have picked a worse movie if I tried. I was the cool kid that huddled in the backseat crying and praying for forgiveness the entire drive home that night.

10. Oh the follies of youth :) Makes me want to hug a teenager. I don't have one of those around yet so I'll go hug my kids instead, and then watch Pride and Prejudice again while I enjoy a mini egg and text another $10.00 donation.


  1. You said what I is in my heart about Japan, thank you, and I didn't know about the 'text to help'

  2. You're cute Jodi... also did not know about texting donations.

    And I'm so glad to know that there's a good chocolate stash going on at your place. I'll be right over!!

  3. So with you on many of those especially #9- hate even the thought of horror movies! watched something last night coz it was filmed in Auckland..yep went to bed and had to pray for forgiveness myself! ( reinforces #7.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog and your sweet comment on my WIWW.....Miss Jodi w/ an i. :) It's funny how many people do not spell it right and or ask is that with a Y???? UGHH NO!! I always say "Jodi with an i" :)
    I am so with you on the horror movies I have to close my eyes even for previews on the tv. I also am right there with you on the cadbury eggs....OMG they are my favorite!! I am definately getting some of the mini's (1 pt.....awesome!!!) :)

    Take care....Jodi