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What I Wore Wednesday


Happy What I Wore Wednesday, friends.

I'm linking to The Pleated Poppy - where I used to check out every single link on Wednesdays without fail, but now barely make it through a quarter of them because the list just keeps a growin' and growin'! So many great dressers out there, so little time to check them all out:(

Thank you, to those of you who make it to mine.

vest: rummage sale
turtleneck: Shade
jeans: Levi's - Kohl's
sneakers: Nike
hat: Kmart

ruffle tank: Old Navy
cardigan and jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
belt: yard sale
necklace: Claire's

top: Shade
jeans: Levi's
sneakers: Nike
scarf: Kmart
flashing child: mine

dress: Target
tee: Shade
cardigan: Old Navy
leggings: Walmart
Uggs: Nordsrom
belt: OLD

turtleneck: Shade
wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Walmart
necklace: Wet Seal
bracelet: Target

shirt: Old Navy
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Walmart
necklace: Plato's Closet

You'll notice there was no Monday, that's because it was President's Day. President's Day = no school and no plans = no where to go = no need to get dressed = a GREAT day. 

A little math "Jodi style" for ya. Enjoy your day!


  1. I know what you mean! I get so far behind on reading my blogs it is unreal. I love all of your outfits this week. You are doing a great job. Some of my fave pieces are your Thursday cardigan, your Saturday dress & your Tuesday necklace!

  2. Cute style! I totally get it with the WIWW--there are so many now, I can't possibly check them all. I still love it though!

  3. Love Thursday and Tuesdays outfits. Def my favs!

  4. We have Plato's closet here and I've never been. Maybe I should go check it out! I love the bright cardi over the dress!

  5. Love outfit #2, especially those boots!!

  6. LOVE the garage sale bl/white vest. What a find! You are so cute!!! Love the munchkin flashin :)

  7. GREAT outfits! I could seriously comment on every one. Love the vest, the stripes, the boots. You are SUCH a stylish mama! :)

  8. Love your Saturday outfit, cute cute!!

  9. ..Yeah...I'm going have to go the little child stripper :D

  10. Great jewelry this week! I love that necklace from Plato's Closet. Sat and Tues are my favorites (if I had to choose!). You have such fun style!

  11. The Thursday look is my favorite!! I love ruffles :)

  12. I love your pink cardi! Pink is my fav....


  13. Thanks for visiting our space and for the sweet comment! I love those boots you have on with your Thursday outfit...I can't believe they are from Wal-Mart!
    And I love how your little boy joined in this week. Too Cute!


  14. Very cute as always! I LOVE that black and white vest! What an awesome find!

  15. I love the clean simplicity of Friday's outfit - love the b/w stripes with that bright scarf! And doh! I had that very same ruffled cardi from Target and took it back. I could kick myself - it's adorable on you.

  16. Super cute looks and I am loving your stylish! Lovely blog!

    Liesl :)

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  18. Super cute, all of them!! You have great style! :-)