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What I Wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday friends! 

Let's recap the past week's outfits shall we?  My love for yellow continues... be forewarned!

 Thursday: grocery shopping
dress: Goodwill
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
leggings and boots: Walmart

necklace: SarieJune (Yes! She opened an etsy store!!)

Friday: basketball games
Top and wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
belt: yard sale
earrings: gift

 Saturday: Valentine's date night!
(to see our blast to the past rollerskating adventure click here.)
tunic: BCBG outlet
cardigan: Old Navy - yard sale
leggings: Walmart
boots: from a friend
necklace Fred Meyers

 Sunday: church
dress: Old Navy
cardigan: same as yesterday
belt: rummage sale
boots Walmart
necklace: same as Saturday

 Monday: prayer, Jana's to hang out
plaid shirt: Costco
wrap sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Ross

Tuesday: bible study, basketball playoffs
shirt: Dress Barn outlet
jeans: same as yesterday
flats: Old Navy
flower pin: SarieJune

Honestly I don't know what I'm going to do when basketball season is over. As my friend Therese and I discussed earlier in the week... who else will we dress up for in our cutest outfits, other than all our friends we see at the games each week? ;)

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  1. Well, Jodi... after basketball season comes baseball season. One problem, we're usually bundled up in parkas for the first few months. Doesn't make for very intersting "what I wore wednesday"! More reason to pray we make it to Baker!!! :)

  2. Adorable! I'm thinking I need more yellow in my closet!

  3. So many nice outfits :) I love yellow too - that yellow top looks brilliant on you :)

    Greetings from me in Copenhagen (still very much wrapped up)

  4. I love yellow, but I don't have much of it. You look great!

  5. All of your outfits were adorable this week! I especially loved your church dress :)

  6. Love all your yellow combos! I think my fav is 'date nite'. I am a Goodwill shopper myself and really like your Thursday GW dress!

  7. Cute! Love the yellow, very springy!

  8. OMGosh! I love all that yellow. Love your style. Makes me want to go buy a few dresses and leggings to add to my boots!!

  9. Where is the picture of Russ in the camo thong he was wearing at the pool last week?

  10. Tim, I have one of Russ's dad in longjohns, parts are yellow...

  11. Definitely Date night ..way cute!...then Monday and Tuesday. But how you get to look so good with wearing yellow I'm blowed if I know!? :D

  12. Love the Sunday outfit! Super cute. I love all the matching yellow details :)

  13. You look great in yellow...I sure do wish I could wear yellow! Your outfits are awesome!


  14. Thank you everyone. Everyone except Tim that is... no one is supposed to know about the thong!!

    Ha - actually everyone needs to know: there is NO thong. Just to clarify.

    Teri your comment made me laugh :)

  15. you look fab in yellow!!

    PS I'm totally loving that necklace!!!

  16. Love the yellow and very cute necklace!

  17. That BCBG shirt is AWESOME. I love me some BCBG.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

  18. Love your outfits and the YELLOW! I might have to try wearing it!


  19. I love the yellow too - especially nice in this time "between" winter and spring! :)

    I am looking for some great yellow flats and pumps to liven up some outfits. Love your yellow shoes!

  20. We have something in common- I LOVE yellow, too! :) Cute yellow shoes, btw. I LOVE That your boy colored in your Bible & ignored the text. So stinkin sweet!

  21. I'm experiencing a teeny bit of jealousy over the fact that I can't wear yellow (it always looks wrong on me) and I can't wear anything tunic-like because it makes me look even shorter than I already am...if that's possible.

    But you look super adorable and I'm loving you in the yellow!