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What I Wore Wednesday No. 30... the outlet mall edition


Last week I blogged about my fun shopping trip to the Lincoln City outlet mall at the Oregon Coast, where I decided to ONLY buy clearance or major sale items and ended up saving $240 bucks, so this week I had to debut some of my new stuff... which is apparently all pink and yellow. Okay not really, but my outfits are all pink and yellow - I must be ready for spring!

Wednesday: mid-week church service
new cardigan: Old Navy outlet clearance ($7.49)
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
Uggs: Christmas from hubby
new infinity scarf: American Eagle outlet clearance ($9)
earrings: Walmart

 Thursday: doctor and dentist visits
new plaid shirt: Dress Barn outlet clearance ($9.99)
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
flats: Old Navy
flower pin: made by my friend Sarah

 Friday: basketball games
new tunic: BCBG outlet (originally $118, bought for $9!)
tee: Shade
skinny jeans: Target
boots: from a friend
necklace: Fred Meyers

Saturday: more basketball games
tee: Shade
vest: Maurice's
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Walmart
belt: rummage sale

 new necklace: another gift from my friend Sarah
I love, love, LOVE it! And isn't her tag cute? We're forcing her to open an etsy shop ASAP.

 Sunday: church
new cardigan: Old Navy outlet clearance ($7.49)
new ruffle shirt: Old Navy outlet clearance $3.49)
belt: Ross
skirt: Goodwill
boots: from a friend
bracelet and earrings: Claire's

Monday: prayer group
new cardigan (same as Wed): Old Navy outlet clearance
plaid shirt: Old Navy clearance
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
boots: Costco
belt: yard sale

Tuesday: bible study, basketball games
new black shirt: Old Navy clearance ($3.89)
(you can't see it but the shirt has cute ruffles down the front)
vest: Ross
belt and Gap jeans: Goodwill
flats: Walmart
necklace and bracelet: Target

You'll be proud to know that since I've been back from the beach I've weeded through my closet ruthlessly and have a pile double the size I just bought to give away or resell.  Yay me!

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  1. You look terrific. Those are some great items you found. I adore that BCBG tunic! I think that one and your last outfit are my favorties. Now if I could just conquer mirror pics like you do! Have a great day.

  2. How much fun did you have wearing so many new clothes!? Love everything--especially your bright colors!

  3. Um... the BCBG tunic is to die for! Super cute! Love all of the colors and feel like everything is cuter because you got such a good deal :)

  4. Your clothes are adorable! I love all the color!

  5. Love all these outfits Jodi, heck I love every outfit you wear. Somehow you make sweats at the beach look cute. The yellow tunic from BCBG is my favorite as well.

  6. Cute, cute, cute!! Love them all and love you!

  7. Love all the outfits. I definitely need to get better at clearance shopping bc those prices are awesome. and she needs to open an etsy shop asap, i want tat necklace!!!!

  8. I like all your outfits, especially the one from this Tuesday, so cute!

  9. Tuesday's the new fav !!..followed by Saturday and Wednesday ..the cardys are a very cool addition. (and SarieJune..thumbs up) ;D

  10. I love the friday outfit! and the necklace, love it!

  11. All of your looks are great! I love the necklace!

  12. Can you do a "What I wore Wednesday" with Russ in the pictures? That way I can look at them all and comment if I like his shirt or socks. Maybe he could wear camo and other really manly outfits? Can't hurt... give it a try?

  13. Cute outfits! And such great deals! Don't you just love finding bargains?

  14. You always look super cute!! LOOOOVE that necklace!

  15. These outfits were a breath of fresh air for me stuck inside the house because of snow and ice. I loved all of the fun colors. The Friday outfit is my fave! What a deal on that yellow tunic! Your WIWW are always one of my faves!

  16. LOVE the yellow tunic. I can't wear yellow...I look dead but you look great!!!

    Great outfits!


  17. Thanks everyone! And Tim, you better be careful or I might just make that happen!

  18. I love all your outfits! It's funny I have been looking at all your WIWW's and I have been loving all your outfits! And then you commented about my boots yesterday. I am very envious that you have such great clothes!

  19. I got an infinity scarf from Brassy Apple and I loooove it! In fact if you see me I'll probably be wearing it because it kinda feels like I never take it off.
    If you want to be tempted but not spend a ton of money:

    LOVE love love the yellow flats with the yellow flower pin. And Sarah's stuff is adorable - yes! She should open an etsy shop! I'll help promote her!

    I was tickled to see Sunday's outfit. I just bought a jean skirt and cardigan (on ebay of all places) to make an outfit very similar to that.