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Weekend report


This picture is hanging on our fridge right now, drawn by Cooper, for his older sister Kendall. 

"I like my sister because she never gives up and always is nice! & will play with every one no matter wat! and always plays fair"

Before you get all "awww, how sweet", you should know that Cooper was MADE to draw this picture to illustrate something he liked about Kendall, by me, his mother, after I found another story he wrote about a robot that he invented to kick his sister's butt and smack her face. It was illustrated. Classy.

I then had him give the new story and drawing to his sister, who loved it so much that she put it on the fridge herself and spelled out the magnet words above and below to hold it in place.

Note to self: don't tell daughter the background story to this drawing, obviously she was quite tickled by it.

In other news, I was alerted to the fact that my kids may have been listening to the song "Dynamite" a little too much when my daughter started singing "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes" and my almost 3 year old piped in, "singing aye-o, singing aye-o".

2nd note to self: give a refresher course on innocent & sweet nursery rhymes.  

Finally, guess what is back in the stores again?

That's right, my favorite seasonal treat. AND THE HEAVENS REJOICE!

Well I rejoice, I've had 3!


  1. Oh my, your picture story made me giggle. Such a good idea making it go from a bad thing to a good thing! I'm sure the 2nd picture is much nicer!

    I love those eggs too. It's a sign Spring is just around the corner!

  2. cute picture and story...and robot story haha! And....I also love the "Cadbury eggs in the store" season!

  3. Cadbury Cream Eggs may be good, but they are point stealers for sure:)Note to self: Have Erik find a new favorite song!

  4. I had to go listen to the song again, found the Chipmonks version on Youtube

    A-O, got an echo!

  5. loved your note to self.
    I see the "C.C- Egg fairy" has fallen way behind in presenting a sample of 2011's bounty already !!

  6. oh my gosh I love those darn eggs too ... have you tried the caramel ones??? YUM.

    I love the song bit, that's too cute! and of course the picture is so sweet and I was totally mushing over it - then I read your explanation and I thanked God I wasn't the only one with children who don't always get along - lol!