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We barely made it out alive


Thankfully SNOW THREAT 2011 is over and we made it through. 

Just barely though. 

Don't let the paltry amount of snow on the ground fool you, folks. It was dangerous, dangerous I say! 

Okay, I didn't say that, the news and schools did, shutting most everything down. Much to everyone's delight in this household! Here's what we did:

- played in the snow bright and early because we are smart Oregonians and knew it would all be gone in a matter of hours (which it totally was).

- drank hot chocolate

- watched movies

- took naps

- were generally lazy and slothful, to the point that we (okay, me) didn't even want to fix dinner and ordered Chinese takeout instead.

It goes without saying of course that it was an awesome day. 

Before bed everyone pitched in to put the house back together and while Cooper was re-stacking all the shoes on the laundry room floor back onto the shelving unit we have in there, I overheard him talking to himself: 

"I'm going to take care of this little lady I like to call the laundry room"

And with that my day got even awesomer. (Yes, that is a word.) 


  1. I love those kind of days Jodi. And Cooper's comment totally made me laugh!!

  2. Looks fun! I love snow days and being lazy. It's nice to enjoy family time together.

  3. Glad you all enjoyed your snow day! If there is anytime to be lazy, it is on a snow day!!

  4. Oh Cooper, you light up my life. Feel free to come take care of the lady over at my house anytime you like!!

  5. Great pics. Coops comment made me think of John Wayne's.. "I'll take care of you little lady" funny anyway.

  6. how fun! oddly enough, we had a chance of snow over the weekend - but it never came (I had serious doubts) much to my daughters disappointment!