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V-Day take two


The Valentine's fun didn't end Saturday night. Even if we celebrate a holiday, anniversary, or birthday on a different day, we still do cards and a little something on the actual day. 

Because it's THE RULE. 

(I'm very high-maintenance that way.)

So without further ado... pics from last night's family festivities... with commentary. I know, Fascinating!

The card on the left is from Russ to the kids, the card in the back is my (beautifully singing) card to Russ, and the lily plant and the card on the right are for me. 

Important side note: This card was for adult eyes only on the inside and had to be immediately whisked away while the kids were distracted. Nice one honey!

The Cadbury cream eggs were also for me, Russ pulled them out of his pockets at the end of our gift giving to my great delight. (He hasn't known me for 15+ years for nothing!)
Also, there was originally 4 of them.
And now there are only 2. 

The kids were called to dinner to find their plates stacked with goods. Peanut butter chocolate hearts for all of them and new books for Kendall and Cooper and a fun flashlight for Blake. 

I love how easy to please our kids are. They were over the moon with excitement. 

And then Blake wanted nothing to do with his dinner because there was A GIANT CHOCOLATE HEART ALL FOR HIM!

Planning fail.

I didn't know Russ was going to get something for the kids too, just from him... so thoughtful. 

His personalized art work had Kendall and Cooper roaring. 

I was just concerned about their LACK OF HANDS.

I made a new recipe for dinner... Laura's Baked Spaghetti. We all approved... mmm, mmmm.

And then Russ watched G.I. Joe with Cooper before heading off to basketball practice, I sewed with Kendall, and Blake ate chocolate to his heart's content :)

I hope you all had a wonderfully sweet Valentine's day as well!
Love, Jodi


  1. Wow, you guys do it up big. Gary usually gets me something, but this year I asked that our date to the Woodburn auction next week be counted as our V-day date. Why not? He is always fun and it is his 'happy' place...of course we will take separate cars, I have learned my lesson...about an hour will do for me and then I will be close to the outlet mall!

  2. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person who abides by that rule. And I love how your whole family celebrates the day. I think I may steal the idea for when we have kids. :)

  3. Wow, you guys know how to celebrate! Cara and I had reservations for dinner, but I came home sick and went to bed. Sorry honey:( I told her I would make it up to her at a later date.

  4. Very fun! Love doing those sorts of things for the kids.

  5. Tim that's very sad:( I hope you feel better soon. (I had to make up for the comment I made about you on your wife's blog!

  6. Hey Fish, I have to watch you. I haven't read that other comment yet? Hmmmm....

  7. Sounds like you all had a great Valentines Day with lots of chocolate!

  8. I find hands the hardest thing about drawing people so I avoid it if I can.
    Looks like you had a lovely time! I agree there should always be at least a little something on "the actual day"

  9. I use a similar recipe for my baked spaghetti, and I love it!!