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She's crafty!


Sarah, aka Bobbi Villa
When we arrived at the beach last weekend and got settled into our house, Sarah surprised us all with gifts: hand made totes and chocolate. Girlfriend knows the way to my heart - she bought me white chocolate truffles!

(No, of course they didn't make it back home with me, silly.)

Please note the bag: Sarah used a belt, skirt, and window valance, all from the Goodwill! I looove it.

Then Sarah proceeded to spend the next 48 hours making approximately 30 of these, in all different colors and textures, using material from old clothing, clearance tees from Old Navy, and fabric samples.
I wanted them ALL. But I'm a little fixated on yellow right now so this one won out.

Finally Sarah made this for her daughter... without any pattern at all.

I'm telling you, she is amazing! And this is just the tip of the iceberg, lately she has been building herself scrapbook tables, art for her walls and benches, and room decor. Oh and redoing her upstairs hallway!

It's crazy.

Dear Sarah: 
Thank you for the fun getaway 
and the super fun (and yum) gifts.
You are talented, my friend!
In a disgusting it comes so easy for you kind of way.
But the good kind of disgusting :)
Love Jodi
aka shopping partner-in-crime, aka non crafter,
aka forgetful photo packet misplacer ;)

p.s. let's not dwell on that fine moment of mine however.
You know, the one where I made everyone search
for my missing photos until you figured out


  1. Ha ha poor Jodi! At least the missing packet mystery was solved! And Sarah - wow! You are so talented!

  2. Sarah..I'm feeling a little intimidated by your explosion into craftmania ! incredibly impressed never the less.
    Sorry to have passed down "aka non crafter" genes, but take full responsibility for the shopping ones :D

  3. I feel like one of those people that goes to school with someone who later becomes famous... and when they're a big star just wants to jump up and down and tell the world, "Hey, I know her!!"

    That's me... I know Bobbi Villa. And now I feel special.

    (Okay, and I still want to tell the world that I went to school with Melanie Lynskey before she made it big in Hollywood...just sayin').

  4. Yea, I love Sarah. She rocks my world. ever since I was 15 I wanted to be like her so I imitated and have strive to be like her.... but I have not conquered that creative side of her :) hehe

    The bags are so cute.
    and Jodi, anyone that can make a mean scrapbook page is creative ! so that means you!!