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Oh Valentine


Happy Valentine's Day!

Please excuse my blogging break, it was a busy weekend full of basketball games, more basketball games, church, and the all-important nap. But the best part was Saturday night when we celebrated Valentines by going out on a special date.

Here's what we did:

1. Dinner at Stanfords. DE-LISH.

Check out the starter salads with cheesy focaccia bread, YUM.

Russ loved his rib-eye and my Thai chicken linguine was divine. I was all set to order a filet mignon when I saw the description of the pasta dish... cooked in a ginger-coconut peanut sauce. Sold.

2. Next up was rollerskating at Oaks Park. 

Folks, we hit the jackpot. It was hip-hop dance off night! HOLY. AWESOME.

(I didn't get any pictures of this because my camera was locked safely away in our locker, as Russell's childhood memories of this place included his stuff being stolen. Twice. So here are some pictures I snapped right before we left...)

Russ hadn't skated since he was a kid but picked it up again quickly and lapped me easily. As for me (who has skated once since I was a kid), I didn't fall down, so felt like it was a successful night. 

Seriously, this was sooo fun, we did the couples-only skates, got ice-cream, people watched, and of course ran into people Russ knew. Never fails. 

3. We ended the night at the movies where we watched The King's Speech. I liked it. Russ pretended to snore when the final credits rolled. 

As we were walking out I said, "didn't you like it even a little bit... especially at the end?"

Russ paused before answering, "It was dreadful". 

Don't listen to him. Obviously a guy who lists Happy Gilmore and Major Payne among his favorite movies isn't the best judge of a movie with 12 Oscar nominations.

Seeing it together had it's plus side though - we talked to each other in English accents all the way home, cracking each other up. I think I pulled it of pretty well, while Russ's cockney accent sounded like Eliza Doolittle off My Fair Lady ;)

Another successful Valentines on the books, and tonight we'll celebrate with our kids which will be really fun because I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve for them.

And for a quick laugh... here's a picture of us on Valentine's Day circa 1998.

Check out our trendy duds! 

My only memory of this day is that we went to the mall, got in an argument about who knows what, and Russ made me so mad that I walked off in a fit, flipping him the bird over my shoulder. Except I never did things like that and apparently didn't even know how to do it correctly. Russell laughed so hard that he ran and caught up to me to apologize and things were peachy after that.

Until he made fun of me for it relentlessly. Which actually he still does to this day, reenacting it and everything.

But I guess there are worse things I could be accused of than not knowing the proper form of flipping someone off so I'll let it go.


  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful V-day celebration! I love your outfit too! Happy Valentines Day :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Did I mention I can't skate worth a lick. I've actually only been a couple of times, but it was a site to behold. You'll have to show us all your best flip off bird at the next family gathering:-)

  3. Another wonderful Russ & Jodi story, they always make me laugh! What a fun date so glad you had a great time!

  4. You guys are so cute and funny! Thanks for the Valentines stories :)

  5. I seriously laughed out loud! I love the 1998 Picture! and the awesome date adventure!

  6. Sweet plaid shorts. I definitely think you should resurrect those bad boys! Actually I think they are almost in style again:) I like the way you're hugging Russ. So teenagy!

  7. We watched the Kings Speech on Friday, and BOTH Isaac and I loved it. So you are so the majority Jodi! Great blog. The 1998 photo All I could see was Ben Grandle in Russ; which was super weird because I usually think he looks just like Tim... so know I have no clue what to think

  8. You and your husband haven't changed a bit!

  9. Oh my goodness "Ben" in Russ's 98' pic..Wow! ( weird Way cute outfit Jod..would definitely fit in the style of things today. What a fun and awesome night out...would have loved to have been listening to your English that was a crack up.

  10. You guys mentioning the Ben resemblance made me have to come back and take a look, and you know what? I can see it!

  11. I will go back and double-look for Ben...
    got me laughing about your bird story, we have the same one...only it was before Russ was even born...don't ask Gary, he will tell it in detail and yes, laughing was his response to my incorrect technique as well.

  12. how sweet you too are - love the "old" pic! when my family went to NZ for my granddad's 80th b-day (I was 12, I think) my dad made the mistake of answering "would you like sugar" by giving the typical American finger sign for "two" - as in "peace" ... apparently that's not appropriate over there! LOL