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New artist in the house


Cooper came home from school yesterday with this doodled drawing in his folder:

Where he finds the time during the school day to do stuff like this I have no idea. 2nd grade must be rough!

Cooper called it his backwards monster truck and I thought it was pretty cool, not even realizing that it actually says "BackW" in the scroll work on the truck bed until I uploaded the picture to my computer. 

I told him it was awesome of course (because that's what mothers do), and asked if I could take a picture of it for my blog. I know how good that makes him feel... huge grins.

Kendall however, sighed heavily, "I guess I'm not the artist of the family any more."

Um, not sure where that came from. But before I could reassure her she perked herself right back up (she's awesome at that)...

"That's okay, I'll be the crafty one!"

Atta girl!

(Now's NOT the time to tell her that if her 4-H sewing club were a graded activity I'm pretty sure she'd be flunking about now. Girlfriend's a leeetle crazy at the sewing machine wheel.)


  1. Kendall, come spend the night with Grama on Sunday and we'll up your art skills....grama's got game!

  2. Awesome drawing Coop! And Kendall... you're too cute!

  3. WOW...those Halverson/Grandle kids can draw. And a BIG Whoop-Whoop for the Kendall the "future" crafty one!

  4. That is so awesome Coop..nice skills ..keep it up :D

  5. Not sure how Cooper will handle all this attention if you actually show him all the comments, but great drawing, Coop!