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Monday, Monday ( la la la...)


Just another typical day yesterday...

The kids got up at 6:30 am and by 6:50 am Kendall and Cooper had both "lost the freedom" of speaking to each other. 

Peace reigned for a glorious 45 minutes and I even got my personal devotion time in, in between being pestered by Blake to "watch dis" every 5 minutes as he performed fancy tricks like opening his mouth really wide or power chopping an imaginary bad guy with his sweet super hero moves. 

After dropping the kids off at school I went to my Monday morning prayer group and then came home to do some housework. 

But I stopped at the computer to check my email first. 

And then my blog feed.

And then facebook.

And then (I admit it freely, I occasionally frequently like browsing through the daily star tracks photos and reading the headlines.)

Then it was time for lunch and Blake's afternoon nap. Okay, it was time for Mama's nap... I had a busy weekend! (Plus we stayed up late Sunday night watching The Count of Monte Cristo for the zillionth time, because it's such a classic you know.)  

2:30 pm rolled around and it was time to pick up the kids from school.

We arrived back home at the same time as Russ got home from work and the kids wrestled with their daddy while I did the dishes.

Then Russ and I decided to start getting caught up on American Idol and watched the first two hour episode. (I'm thinking I'm going to like this season, although Steven Tyler's plastic face is kinda hard to watch.)

The older kids did their homework and then got sucked into Blake's Blue's Clues episodes on Netflix, which I thought was really funny since they're almost 8 and 10. 

At 5:00 pm I decided it was time to get serious about the house and turned into Mrs. drill sergeant on a mission - everyone busted through the chores, the wonderful hubby included, while he rapped made up songs to us all and I sometimes threw in lines like "I love your DADDY when he does my stuff!" and Russ rapped back "And I love your MOMMY cause she thinks I'm buff" and then we'd bump rears and get down with our bad selves and the kids would crack up laughing.

Easy pancakes for dinner, where I made fun of Russell for the hundredth time for being messier than all 3 of the kids combined. I even took a picture for your viewing pleasure...
We like our pancakes with powdered sugar, thank you. 
Then Russ left for basketball practice and the drill sergeant went back to work, organizing the troops and delegating left and right to finish the chores. Much was accomplished (including sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and the likes) and the troops were rewarded accordingly. And then sent to bed early for getting in trouble for unrelated offenses. 

Aren't you glad you're not a kid in my house?

Actually, don't feel bad for them. They each got up at least 3 times for serious issues like a "sore mouth", a "runny nose", "can I have a friend over this weekend?", and "Blake is swinging from the bunk bed again", managing to drag out the evening indefinitely and ensure maximum vexation on my part.

Eventually Russ came home from practice and twisted my arm to watch another episode of American Idol (or he suggested it and I said "sweet!", same dif) and then we reverted to our 60 year old alter egos and climbed into bed to watch it (thanks to my Mum's borrowed laptop), with my heating pad behind my back and Russ's humidifier steaming away.

Don't be too jealous.

BUT THEN... Russ remembered the Blazers were playing and had to turn on the radio to listen to the last 3 minutes, which turned into 6 minutes, which turned into me leaving the room to switch the laundry, only to return and find him dead asleep. 

Today we plan on cleaning our dentures and rocking on the front porch.

So that was Monday, just another successful day in the life!


  1. "I love your DADDY when he does my stuff!" and Russ rapped back "And I love your MOMMY cause she thinks I'm buff"...
    do I hear an aye-o? or an echo?

    Loved it all makes me smile inside and out.

  2. Loved the post(however 60 year old people may have an issue with them being considered old!)

  3. Loved this post Jod and you changed your blog look - cute! You are such a good storyteller, so fun to read.

  4. Very funny... I like to picture you guys dancing & getting down with your bad selves... your bad 60 yr old selves!!!

  5. Ok, after Doug and I regained self-control (obnoxious laughing) we have both decided that we want to come visit The Halverson's every Monday night! forget Monday night football, when we could have rapping, american idol and pancakes with powdered sugar! :)

  6. Must say I do love Russ's raps ..sanguines make life so much fun...even doing house work

  7. Okay seriously cracked up alone in my boss' living room while I read this. I had no problem at all visualizing you two rapping and dancing away. Super funny. Good work, my friend. :)

  8. Of course I love it all.Fun fun. However I'll be glad when you get through the sixtes..... that going to bed early stuff. By the time you are our age 80 plus you can stay up all night like I did last night.I got on a kick (actually the computer)and had one of those adrenalin rushes. I was totally shocked when my hubby came in to tell me he was really worried about me and begged me to come to bed. The clock said almost 5:00am. I was deep in a one on one (me & myself) bible study looking for help to reply to a friend. Someone must have set the clock ahead!!! When I coached my very sleepy hubby to please let me read to him what I had written, he reluctantly listened and before we knew it he was wide awake as well and critiquing what I had written. After giving me a good hour of his insightful wisdom he slipped back to bed and I followed about another hour later. 7:00 AM. I slept until the phone woke me up at 10:00AM. And here I am at 5:00 PM doing fine. Just thought I would let you know there is still life after 60.I love your blogs ,and I love you and love your adorable family. Nanna

  9. Nanna you are crazy! I love it, and love that you got Duke sucked in... ha ha! Of course I will be just like you when I'm 80... because that's my aspiration! Love you :)