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Monday confessional - worrying about the stupid stuff


This past weekend, among fun things like a State playoff basketball game, Kendall's end of season basketball tournament, and a friend's birthday party, I lost my camera. (At the aforementioned state playoff game actually.)

Then a pipe burst in our half-finished master suite house addition and it flooded the entire room. With stale stinky water that had been sitting in the pipes. There was no shut off at the pipe, so Russ had to shut off the water to our entire house to get the water to stop pouring in. This occurred at the same time we were supposed to be leaving for the (also aforementioned) birthday party. 

So here I was, dealing with the frustration of a possibly stolen camera, no running water, a very stinky smell, and being late to a party that we had rsvp'd to, and ALL I could think about was the 30 or so "What I Wore Wednesday" outfit pictures on my camera and the embarrassment I would feel if whoever had my camera looked at them and saw nothing but pictures of myself posing in front of a mirror in multiple outfits. Because, what would they think of me?!
Umm, shallow much?

The honest truth is that I care waaaay too much about what other people think. (Of me, or of my husband, of my home... the list goes on.)

The good news is that the pipe is now fixed and our water is running, my Scentsy candle warmer was a miracle worker and made my house smell delicious, we continued on to the party and had a great time, and it was discovered there that my camera was found, by the birthday girl herself of all people, who follows my blog and knows about my What I Wore posts.
(Huge sigh of relief) 

I love that feeling you get when you realize you were worrying about nothing... it hits right before the embarrassment of being worried in the first place. Right now I feel like it was pretty much a great weekend :)


  1. I love a happy ending almost as much as I love the person writing it

  2. I always feel silly when people I actually know tell me they like my WIWW posts, but I LOVE it when strangers leave comments. Why is that!?

  3. Thank you Teri (Ms. anonymous), and Sara isn't that funny? I know what you mean!

  4. I'm just so thankful your pipe is fixed and your camera is found ! phew!!

  5. So Glad I made your post and saved the day. And I didnt even look at your pictures on the camera, and I feel the same, if you or anyone looked on my camera phone, they would only see pictures of me!! Also SUPER glad you guys made it, WE LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for the shirt