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Monday confessional - how I clean


You know those people that write out a list of chores and diligently work through them item by item, determined and on task until they feel the satisfaction of completion? 

I do too. I'm not one of them of course, but I know a few. 

For myself, it works much more like this...

I wake up determined to SEIZE THE DAY!

I start the ball rolling right away, not even taking the time to make a list. I'm on the move, people!

I carry something into a room to put it away and start cleaning that room. 

Then I take a break to go to the bathroom, spray my bathtub with Comet bathroom cleaner, and let it sit for the prerequisite 10 minutes while I fix Blake breakfast.

This of course leads to loading the dishwasher and tidying the kitchen.

Until a fight breaks out in the ranks and my presence is required in the children's room. 

Which I start organizing. 

Which leads to putting hair things that were STOLEN by my 9 year old daughter back in my room where they belong, and I start working on that room. 

And on the cycle continues until an hour later when I walk back into my bathroom and remember: "The bathtub cleaner!" and smack my forehead and start scrubbing. 

This is usually where the list comes in. It's time to stop the chaos. 

So I sit down at my computer desk and start by writing down all the things I've done already because the only fun thing about a list is crossing items off it. 

And then I quickly check my email. And immediately get sucked into facebook and blog land. 

Until I realize I need to be out the door in 45 minutes and I haven't even showered yet. 

And then Blake calls urgently from the kitchen where he's being playing in the sink with his plastic animals...

And I find this:

With water flowing across the floor like the river Nile. 

THAT'S how I clean.
Yes, it's working out quite well for me thank you, why do you ask?


  1. You clean your shower?!? Just kidding. I hate cleaning the shower so I usually let it sit until it's about to be taped off by the health department and then I whine at the hubby until he has pity on me and cleans it himself. In my defense, our bathroom is about 500 years old and the tile is falling off and the floor and walls are warped. We plan to remodel soon and I have convinced myself that I will be happy to clean the shower then because it will be new and shiny. I'm either very believable or very gullible.

  2. I do the exact same thing and if it helps Kris flooded our kitchen too. All the way to the carpet in the living room. He was EXTRA thirsty.

  3. I totally understand how you clean Jodi :D ..which makes it even more amazing that we both did so well cleaning cleaning other peoples houses!!

  4. Ha, ha! See, lists are very important but the way you clean made for a great Monday post! And all I can say about the kitchen is oh, Blake! Another one in the books for him!

  5. Jodi, it is good to know that I'm in good company with the cleaning routine. And it can't be said too many times, I LOVE BLAKE STORIES! Just look at the innocent face!

  6. Tell Russ Blakes hair looks like its due to get cut again.

  7. Tim that's the first thing I noticed too when i read this blog about CLEANING!(insert sarcasm here)

  8. I am SO the same way ... if I even get the initial motivation to "seize the day" - lol. and my oldest used to do that in the bathroom - only she turn the water off when the sink was full to the top - then she'd play in it, causing it to overflow!