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I think I'll pass on the entree


Last night Russ and I worked in the church nursery during the mid-week service. 

I can't tell you that we look forward to our once a month stint of nursery duty, but considering the other options in kids church ministry, it's about as light-duty as you can get. Plus, we've put our children in the nursery for a combined total of 9 years now so we're more than willing to pull our weight. 

Blake is about to end his part of that total. Next month he turns three and will move on to bigger and better things in the preschool class. And I'll tell you right now that they are going to LOVE him in there... he all but took over the care of the five other babies/toddlers in our room last night and was almost as helpful as having Kendall or Cooper in there with us would have been. 

Except he can't pick up the babies, and trust me, he's tried. 

And he does still occasionally have a problem with sharing. 

And he has the bad habit of stuffing pacifiers back into babies mouths, with great force if necessary, no matter how many times a little one spits it back out. He's nothing if not determined. 

But he can talk well, calling the babies highly miss-pronounced versions of their real names and telling them "no" repeatedly whenever they try to touch something he's playing with. 

He also told me last night, when I commented on his playing with two baby dolls in the toy kitchen, that he was cooking them for dinner. 

"You're cooking them dinner, Blake?"

"NO, they ARE dinner!"

*he then proceeded to show me how to pretend to eat them*

So, nothing to be alarmed about preschool teachers! Enjoy your time with our son! We'll all miss him so in the nursery...


  1. Little Mr. Me-Do, totally hilarious

  2. Oh Blaker's... you come over to Auntie Kelly's house and I'll show you what a real dinner looks like.

    I guess we should be grateful that he experimented cooking on baby dolls and not the real babies in the nursery. Especially since Elijah was in there!

  3. What a crack up !..way to be a helper Beeper ! litle dolls though..a tad scary.

  4. When I got to the end, I actually snorted out loud!

  5. lol on the "they are dinner" - ha ha ha!