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Fun at the Oregon coast


Yesterday I got back from a trip with my sister Kelly, my sister-in-law Tricia, and my good friends Sarah and Laura. I find it interesting that last year none of us were bloggers and now 4 out of the 5 of us are. Weird huh? Bloggers unite! 

I should preface this recap to say that while I was at the Oregon coast, I never actually went down to the beach. Oh no, that was not the purpose of this trip. This was a scrapbooking getaway, people, and if you have ever been to a scrapbooking getaway you know that it is ALL about the HOUSE. 
The living room
Ours was sweet. New, roomy, nicely furnished, and within view of the ocean, with the one downside being that the main living area was on the second floor of the three story home and we had to lug four 6 foot tables and all our scrapbooking gear up a precariously steep and narrow staircase to reach it. 

That's a lot of scrapbooking gear!
This was actually a major downside. If we didn't know we were going to be there for a whole 4 days we might have thrown our hands up in the air and decided to keep our gear in the car and watch movies all weekend long. As it was, by the time we finished loading in our stuff we were winded and sweating. And ready to letter a strongly worded note to the homeowner for nondisclosure. Instead we took ourselves out to dinner and then headed back to the house to get into comfy sweats and not emerge for 3 more days. It was wonderful. 

our setup
Laura, Kelly and Sarah in the kitchen, where there was MUCH eating of delicious food.
Except I did dress for a trip to the outlet mall on Saturday with Sarah. Out of the 5 of us we are definitely the shopaholics of the group and the others knew they would tire loooong before we ever did. Very wise. I decided to not buy anything that was not on clearance or super sale, and that is how I emerged from the outlets with $261.00 worth of merchandise for only $55.00. That's right, I was a shopping SUPER-STAR. 

Sarah and I high on shopping success
Trip #1 haul
The next day Tricia and Laura decided to go on a quick run to the outlets themselves and I could not help myself, I had to go back. I emerged with $58.00 worth of clothing for only $22.00 that time. It was epic. 

Me, Tricia and Laura after shopping trip #2
But that is how I spent all my money at the coast and then had to have my sister buy my lunch at Red Robin on the way home on Monday. And then I realized that I'd forgot to give Tricia gas money on the way down and had accidentally spent it on myself instead. BUDGETING FAIL. 

But did I tell you that I now have 10 new clothing items for $80.00? And that I saved a grand total of $242.00? TRIP SUCCESS.   

(But I owe ya Trish!)


  1. How fun! May I please have that new plaid shirt of yours when you are done with it? Thank you. And yes, you my friend are a super-star! Way to shop!

  2. I'm sure it is a crime somewhere to have that much fun!

  3. Jodi..You.. are the Queen are a shopping phenomenom !! WIWW viewers all around the World just wish they could shop like you ;D

  4. sounds like a fabulous weekend. what a shopping trip too! =)

  5. 100% jealous of the shopping and the cloths and most of all not shopping with you !!!!! Glad you got to go and relax!!

  6. that looks SO fun! but I'm so far behind I'd need like a year long getaway - lol!