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Basketball and prayer - welcome to my life.


The Lady Cougars
Last Thursday night ended the season for Russ's basketball team - they made it to the district playoffs in McMinnville and lost. Just getting there was a victory however, they are a young team and I was so proud of how they played and really look forward to seeing what they do the next couple of years.

But just like that our Friday nights are free again (not to be confused with our Saturday mornings, which are currently full with Kendall's 3rd/4th grade basketball season). We spent ours at Erik and Tricia's with David and Carmajo, eating sweet 'n sour wings, apple crisp, and playing Settlers of Catan and Canasta. AND TALKING ABOUT BASKETBALL.  

We have to wean Russ off slowly.

The good news is that the boys team is still going strong so Saturday night we were back in McMinnville again, this time for the district championship game, which the boys won. Sweet! Celebration time at Pizza Hut afterward and a State playoff game to look forward to this week. If the boys make it to the State finals in Baker City we are totally jumping on that band wagon and going along.

Sunday afternoon we hung out at the in-laws with the whole clan, keeping up a valued annual tradition - family prayer day. We talk about things we are thankful for from the past year, things we are praying for in the upcoming year, and this year we added a new twist: putting together a time capsule to open again in 5 years. All the kids wrote out a short "about me" and their own prayer requests, and added mementos, pictures they'd drawn, etc.

It will be really fun to tease them over those look over those when they are all teenagers.

"The family that prays together, stays together" - our family motto
Just kidding about the motto. We don't actually have one. But if we did I'm sure it would involve being loud. We've got that down pat.

All together, physically AND via photoshop :)


  1. That's so special your family has a prayer day!

  2. I had no idea your husband coached b-ball. My husband and I used to coach basketball, too. Now we're just teachers. I know that strange but good feeling at the end of the season when you have your Friday nights free. Neat prayer group. So special!

  3. Wow, quite a spread, you are so versatile.

  4. Ha ha ha! I love the group photo! Geesh, have to love modern technology!

  5. Wow, very jealous that the entire family is interested in/committed to this. Would be nice to have that strong bond of faith within the ENTIRE family.