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What I Wore Wednesday


Well Oregon has settled back into it's regular winter routine... mid-40's to 50's and LOTS of rain. 

You would think I would own a coat with a hood wouldn't you? I don't, not a one. I mean to rectify this every winter and then I find cute plaid ones with collars and buy them instead because sometimes most of the time fashion takes over function in my world. 

Which is why I own and continue to wear a pair of bright pink heels in a size 8 when I am definitely a size 9.

Not that they, or any plaid coats, are in the following pictures. I just like to ramble sometimes. 

Wednesday: mid-week church service
sweater: Walmart
brown tee: Shade
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
Uggs: ebay

NOT my favorite outfit. Let's move on.

Thursday: grocery shopping and errands
tunic dress and cardigan: Target
white cami: Diviine Modestee
leggings and knee socks: Walmart
belt: husband's
cardy Uggs: Christmas gift - Nordstroms
earrings: gift

Friday: brunch date, basketball game
wrap sweater: Kohl's
green tee: Shade
jeans: same Gap pair from the Goodwill
shoes: Goodwill
belt: yard sale

Saturday: Portland Bridal Show
cardigan: Target
ruffle tank: Old Navy
jeans: Target
boots: Walmart
earrings: gift

Sunday: church and birthday party
dress: Ross
cardigan: Old Navy
leggings and flats: Walmart
bracelet: Target

Are you guys seeing a trend here? I am a HIGH END shopper I tell you! :)

Tuesday: lunch date
black sweater: Liz Claiborne
white shirt: Kohl's
gray cami: Diviine Modestee
jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
bracelet: Walmart
same cardy Uggs

And that's it! If you're wondering what happened to Monday, a cold virus that made me cough all day and  lose my voice is what happened. Don't feel sorry for me though, I stayed in comfy sweats and read the second book in The Hunger Games series in practically one sitting, it was glorious! 

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  1. Super cute Jodi! My favorite is your tunic dress and cardi from Target!! So stylish and put together. Happy Wed!

  2. Cute outfits! I think Thursday is my favorite!

  3. Tuesday is my fav, but Thursday and Friday are excellent also. I am still amazed you can put so much together ..definitely a skill I don't posess :D

  4. Thursday & Friday are my favorites, but you know you're always adorable.

    Oh to be you. This is why you take pictures of yourself, and I take pictures of cooking that occasionally feature my hand!

  5. Such cute outfits! Sunday's dress is my favorite, love it!!

  6. I'm liking Thursday's outfit. Looks warm and comfy!

  7. new here but love it! love your "high end shopping" and that you put it all together so well. gives the rest of us hope that we don't all have to spend a month's salary on a single outfit.

    oh and since you're reading the hunger games series you might check out her other series "gregor the overlander" (if you haven't already). a friend turned me onto them and i got into them quickly and enjoyed them. just a thought. =)

  8. Thank you Natalie, I'll look into those (because now I'm on a total book binge and can't stop... :)

  9. Loving your balck and white dress. It looked super cute with those red flats.

  10. So cute! Your Wed, Sat and Sun outfits are my favorites. You always look so put together. I wish I could be as consistent at you. Great style :)

  11. OK< so Thursday is my favorite outfit- so stinking cute on you! I love how you layer and add belts. Belts are my nemesis- I'm still working on them. Who knew uggs had cardis, too! I'm so out of the loop.