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The Weight Watchers wagon - my Monday confessional


I've climbed back on folks. Third times a charm. 

I first joined Weight Watchers in February of 2006. I lost 40 pounds in eight months, became a lifetime member, maintained my weight loss for a solid 7 or 8 months, and then got pregnant. 

And gained 45 pounds. Those darn babies!

After having Blake I lost 20 pounds on my own before getting stuck so I joined again at the beginning of 2009, lost the 25 pounds I needed to get back to maintenance, kept it off until Thanksgiving hit and then between turkey day and New Year's Eve I gained 5 pounds. I didn't want to go back to my monthly weigh-in and have to pay (for being more than two pounds over my goal weight) so I skipped until I was back down the 5 pounds, but gained instead. 

And kept on gaining. 

Which brings me to today... 10 pounds short of my original highest weight ever back in 2006 and in full-on panic mode about it. 

When I first joined in 2006 I didn't tell a soul besides my husband because I had no idea if I would be able to stick to it or if it would work. After 12 pounds one person noticed, and by 20 pounds everyone did. Now I know it works, if I will stick to it, but that's the biggest problem... getting back the enthusiasm for the program I had when I first started. So I'm confessing up front...



  1. thank you for your candor. WW is advertising something new about points, so....:)

  2. One thing about you Jodi is when you decide...Nothing can stop you.

  3. ..better take the rest of us with you too...Drat those 3 months of party food!!!

  4. I know, that party food will get ya every time!

  5. I"m doing weight watchers too! I'm going to follow along with you if that's okay! :)

  6. that's awesome! I'm seriously considering weight watchers ... I need to lose so much weight it almost feels impossible! the biggest thing stopping me is the money, really! I'll look forward to hearing more from you on this!