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We came, we saw, we squealed


Alright, maybe it was just me that squealed. But I'm telling you, when the lights went dim and the music started up and groomsmen in tuxedos started a synchronized dance routine to "dynamite", something just came over me and I literally bounced in my seat as I clapped and cheered. 

Wow, that might sound a little creepy. No, I was not at Chip 'n Dales. It was the Portland Bridal Show! 

(Also, I have never been to Chip 'n Dales. Just to be clear.)

My cousin Linley is getting married in July and a group of us girls went with her last Saturday to check everything out and get ideas. 

Helen, Linley, Gretchen, Therese, Vanessa, and Annie waiting in line to get in.
The soon to be mother-in-law Helen, Linley and myself.
Our tickets said no cameras inside but I was not aware of this until we arrived so I hid my camera in my purse and decided to try to stealthily take some shots anyway...

There were tons of gorgeous cakes
and yummy treats to try as well - yay!
We tried out the photobooth (but didn't quite squeeze in enough)
and ooh'd and aahh'd over $5000 dollar dresses.
But the highlight of the day for sure was the fashion show. I seriously didn't want it to end. So. Much. Fun. 

I was not brave enough to attempt pictures during that though, my flash would have been a dead-giveaway.

And let's be honest here, I was too busy cheering to snap photos anyway :)


  1. would love to see that Dynamite bit and thank you for the vicarious show without ever having to leave home!

  2. I'm with Teri ..enjoyed your adventure with out having to actually be there :D glad you had a blast..great pics of everything.

  3. Nice illegal pictures sis! Sounds like a fun day, and I'm glad that you got some shots for Aunt Wenda.

  4. What's not to squeal about at a fashion show. Thank you for also clarifying that you were not at Chip n' Dale's - whew! Loved the pics you snuck, looks like such a fun day!

  5. Jumping up and down in the chair sent me over the edge in, "Wow! That's really girly!":) And I'm with Jana about chip n' dales-Have you been keeping secrets?!