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Some things


1. I am enjoying my new Kindle immensely. I won't mention how late I've been staying up every night reading the new Francine Rivers books my parents loaded on it, let's just say I'm bordering sleep deprivation.

2. My mother emailed me this shot that she took of me opening it on Christmas with the comment that it was quite possibly her favorite picture of 2010.

I don't know that I'd go that far but it does capture the moment perfectly. Not only Dad's satisfaction and my shock but Russell's look of curiosity because he has no clue what the heck it is.

3. Last night I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting since falling off the wagon in November of 2009 and I discovered that I am no longer a seasoned pro... the new program is significantly different. And I'm totally excited about it.

4. One of the things I had to do was purchase a new points calculator because my old one will be useless now, so I had the registration lady show me how to use it, bought one, and then came home only to find two calculators in my purse.  

Darn it all, I accidentally stole something!

5. That will be an embarrassing conversation for me come next meeting.

6. We finally took our Christmas tree down. I always wait until after New Year's but somehow managed to drag it out 5 days longer this year. And it was still a little sad. But it was starting to feel pretty weird.

7. The workout classes at my church started again this week after a 3 week hiatus over the holidays and all I can say is that it might as well have been a 3 month break for all the strength and stamina I retained. Meaning, I feel like JEL-LO.  

8. It was back to the dentist again this morning for another 2+ hour stint and let me just say that if I have to get any more shots in my mouth this year I might just shoot somebody myself. 

Not really. I don't take to violence actually. And I love my dentist, I truly do. 

Just joking Dr. Johnson!

9. I'll tell you something else that's not fun. Scheduling an 8:00 am appointment and waking up to a text from your mother at 7:36 am - saying that she's ready to meet you in 9 minutes to take your toddler when you drop your kids off at school. And all three of your children are still dead asleep. (Please see #1 for this error.)

10. Newsflash: when panic endorphins take over there is no need for coffee... no need at ALL.


  1. True that on the panic endorphins!!!

    and thank you for posting this - my day is officially brightened again!

  2. loved #9 had a good chuckle..thanks..and zero to out the door in 9 mins with 3 kids ..doggone phenominal!!!!!

  3. Jodi i don't know how you do it!Have everyone and yourself ready that fast. No offense,but for someone that's often late you amaze me how fast you can get ready. I would probably fall in a puddle of tears on the floor:)

  4. yes, I'm with Tricia, I would have officially announced a "snow day", all the while convincing my kids that the snow is there you just have to look for it! No way I could of gotten everyone around that fast.

  5. I guess I do well under pressure! It actually WAS amazing now that I think about it :) (also, I'm a pro at doing my makeup while driving!)

  6. oh Sarah,lol on the snow day, wish I would have thought of that. Jodi, I want to hear more about the new calculator. Gary loved your post yesterday, he loves both yours and Cara's, but I think he is kind of like Russell and the Kindle, a little perplexed about the comment screen.