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Seen and heard


Overheard in the car today:

Dylan (Cooper's friend who came over for the afternoon): Hayden is the BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD!
Cooper: Hayden Hernandez, the little one?
Dylan: Yeah him!
Cooper: That's my cousin! I LOVE him! Is he your cousin too?
Dylan: He's part of my family...

This conversation was interesting for the following reasons:
A) Hayden just turned 3 years old. While I've never seen him fight before, based on his age alone I question the validity of Dylan's remark.
B) Hayden is the only person Cooper knows with that name so I'm not sure what "the little one?" comment was about...
C) I also had no idea Cooper's feeling for his cousin were that strong!
D) Dylan and Hayden are in no way related at all.

Too cute.

Caught in the act today:

Blake, stuffing wadded balls of wet toilet paper down the bathroom sink drain, which unfortunately has a removable stopper. Apparently I didn't catch him very early in the act either because the drain pipe was FULL.

Surprised and excited by today:

The news that my husband is taking me out on a late night date tonight after his team's basketball practice. Yessss! I love surprises and I love date nights... well done honey, well done

(Edited to add...) 
Frustrated BEYOND BELIEF by today:

The discovery that Blake has locked me out of my bedroom and I have no way to break in. He came asking for "daddy's key" over and over again and after not being able to figure what he was talking about he lead me to my locked door. UGGHH. 

Russ has left for practice already and is expecting me to be ready to go out when he returns later with a babysitter. Well if you consider no makeup, crazy hair, and an old turtleneck and baggy sweatpants "ready", then I'm golden!



  1. "Hayden just turned 3 years old. While I've never seen him fight before, based on his age alone I question the validity of Dylan's remark." <=== This made me laugh really hard.

  2. Oh goodness that conversation was hilarious. We actually went to Dylan's house tonight and from the time we arrived, to the time we left, Dylan & Hayden did NOTHING but wrestle, sword fight and karate move each other.

    He's 3, but he's got some moves!!

    Yay for date night but double and triple BOO on the locked bedroom door, no bueno!! It's especially lucky for Blake he's so cute, or he may not see his third birthday!

  3. Door locked = resist the urge to strangle someone! Sidebar: Thank you Jodi for removing the "spell the weird word" at the end of the comment section. Makes commenting much more doable:)

  4. 1) I want to know how you got IN the bedroom?!
    2) did you get the drain unblocked?
    3)Is Blake padlocked to a chair somewhere?
    ...and just how WAS date night after all that?!

  5. Russ had to REMOVE THE DOOR to get in. Grrr. The drain is draining very slowly... Blake is still alive believe it or not. The date night redeemed the day - awesome :)