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Monday confessional - a classic sanguine move


The sanguine part of my personality came out yesterday in flying colors.

(Wait... is that how the saying goes? I've been bungling them lately, like the other day when I told my hubby I was ready to sit and relax with him for the evening because I felt like we'd been passing each other like "ships in the wind". Good grief.)

I think I mean came out in full force. Yes. That's what I mean. The sanguine part of my personality came out yesterday IN FULL FORCE.

Saturday night I finally finished the saga that is Francine Rivers two newest novels; "Her Mother's Hope" and "Her Daughter's Dream", on my kindle. And by saga I mean SA-GA. Holy moly! Not so much my faves of hers. 

Anyway, I started to browse the kindle store to find my next potential read and download it myself for the first time, and remembered Jana telling me she was part way through "The Help" and was really enjoying it. I looked it up, and also browsed several other selections suggested by Amazon, downloaded my book in 30 seconds and then went to sleep because it was just a leeeeetle past midnight. Or 1:00 am

Yesterday morning at church I was excited to tell Jana I'd downloaded The Help and we chatted about the book for a bit. After my required Sunday afternoon nap I turned on the kindle to start reading, and that's when I remembered that the book I'd downloaded was actually The Hunger Games. NOT The Help. Because it was only $5.00 and I'd heard a lot of my friends really liked the series. 

Who looks up a book online, decides not to get it yet and chooses a completely different one, and then the next morning completely forgets and talks to her friend enthusiastically about the not-purchased book as if she owns it and is excited to start it?!

A sanguine is who. 

Text to Jana: 
So I accidentally TOTALLY lied to you this morning. 
I looked at buying The Help on my kindle 
but actually bought The Hunger Games! 
Oh my gosh, I don't know how
I even got that confused in my head! 

Jana was very gracious and thought it would be easy to mix the two books up when they are both so popular right now. That is a kind friend for you. I'm sure what she was probably thinking was: "You nut".

I know that's what I'm thinking. 


  1. This confession makes me feel like, "whew, I'm not the only one." So, Thank you Jodi. It's nice to know I'm not the only nut in the barrel. Or is it apple in the barrel? ;)

  2. I totally agree about Francine Rivers latest series! I thought she was trying to put too much into those 2 books! But you should read The Help sometime! It is really good. DId you know you can "share"books with people who have kindles?

  3. Oh Jodi how you make me laugh... Your sanguinism's are always a fun way to start off my morning, and your classic bungling of sentences takes me to back to a special day where in a hot stuffy car you asked someone to "please roll down their legs before you melted." Thanks for entertaining us throughout the decades!

    Love it, love you!

  4. You can share books on kindles ?? Wow Jod, there you go ..could be your next favorite thing to do !!

  5. Jodi I think you will like The Hunger Games better than The Help. They're both good so maybe you should just get 'er done and read them all. I know I'm anxiously awaiting Mockingjay (book 3) from the library!
    Love you!

  6. Ha ha! I don't think your a nut friend, you just got excited! Love ya, let me know how the book is!