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Memory lane


After talking about my Weight Watchers journey yesterday I took a little walk down memory lane, going through old digital photos. 

(This led to hours of looking at my kids when they were just wee little things... so cute.) 

I wish I had better "before" pictures but to be honest, back then I used to delete almost all pictures of myself because I hated how I looked so much. But lookey loo at all the pictures of me after I lost weight! Must have felt pretty good about myself :) 

Seriously though, you are about to see a ton of pictures. 


That was the first round of weight loss. Skip forward two years, I've had my third child and am struggling to lose weight again...

So back on the Weight Watchers wagon and this is what happens...

I am excited for what is going to happen this year, and I'm going to take monthly pictures to prove it. 

(Although really I already take daily outfit pictures for What I Wore Wednesdays, but I'm not going to count those because I angle myself to look my skinniest. How's that for full disclosure! ;)


  1. You look fantastic! So beautiful! So I have a do you do weight watchers and feed your family? I have a 21 month old and a husband and I feel like I would have to make them totally seperate meals...any advice?

  2. My mom did WW when we were kids and we never knew that we were eating differently. Their recipe books are super easy to use. I still use some of their recipes for my family. Good luck on your journey!

  3. Wow that is awesome Jodi !! your Dec 06 pic is incredible !! and your new one 09 are looking fabulous!! you are beautiful !! keep up the good work ! this will inspire me to get going. IM such a follower when if comes to being motivated ! I need to here inspirational stories and see results and than that gets me JAZZED!

  4. Thank you Denise and Noelle! And Denise I'd agree with pistolsnprincesses... feed them what you eat and they won't really know! I changed small things in my diet (lower fat options, more fruit/veggies) but the biggest change was portion control, so I still made most family favorites and they could eat as much as they wanted. That's my favorite thing about WW, no food is off limits, you just have to count the points for it! (which leads to wiser choices :)

  5. Jodi, you are one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to weight loss. You are probably laughing out loud right now, but you have a "stick to it ness" that i rarely see in anyone. You are patient, calm, and you persevere in all that you do! I know that you will again be successful in your WW journey. You are beautiful and I just wanted you to know.

  6. How exciting that you have seen such fantastic results in the past. You know what works for you! I reached my peak weight this last August and I started changing my portions, wiser choices, and eating when I was truly hungry and not for other reasons. I lost 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. Sad for me I gained back a third of that over the holidays, but I am already 2 lbs down, and back on track! It feels good to be a god-given weight! I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!


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  8. Hi Hon, Had to delete my first can I look at what I wrote and not see the spelling errors till after I put it out there?

    Just wanted to say you look good to me in all the pictures and I love you.

  9. Thank you ladies, I'm even more motivated now! Johnna that is great you did that on your own!

  10. If you were a pin up girl Jod..I 'd say the "Septembers" have it !! ..and I'm hopping on board..bring on the fruit and veggies!!!