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Let the record show...


I'm going to tell you something that happened yesterday because I would like it in writing for future reference. 

First off, we have been without a properly working TV for the past couple of months. At first something happened that stopped us from being able to watch regular television, and then a couple of weeks ago the sound went out so we couldn't even watch dvds or Netflix. 

Yesterday Russell had enough. There were important football games going on for goodness sake! After multiple failed attempts to try and fix our set, my FPU loving, budget fanatic husband went against ALL he knows and loves about finances and made a LARGE, SPONTANEOUS purchase on a brand new flat panel LCD TV.

my excited peeps
And this is the important part: I, Mrs. free-spirit spontaneous shopper herself, tried to talk him out of it! Not that I wasn't ready for a TV again myself, I just didn't want any part of the future guilt that may or may not occur when the shiny new TV excitedness wears off.

ALSO: Why is it that we can break all of our self-imposed budget rules for a TV when someone suddenly wants to watch sports, but not for a laptop for a certain someone else who has important blogging business to take care of and doesn't want to get kicked off the computer when her husband wants to look up basketball game results?


I would like to file a complaint please. 

*Russell says my complaint is denied and thanks me for all my help looking up TV's online and giving my opinion on which brand I prefer.*

Alright fine. My opposition to the purchase was brief and gave way to pure joy within moments of the thought of viewing live television once again.

Instead, I would like to file a petition please. Something large and spendy for myself... I'll take either a laptop or a DSLR camera, thank you very much. 

Chop, chop honey! ;)

p.s. In all fairness to my husband, let the record also show that no credit cards were used in the purchase of this item. In addition, I think my hubby is a stud provider for our family and deserves a spiffy TV to watch his games on. Or at least a working TV. But I'm still rooting for that laptop! The end.


  1. I find a great comparison with your with your hardship after having just watched the first Netflix's dvd 'The House of Elliott' series. It is about two English sisters who discover a marketable gift for clothing design. This talent was forged by years of having to make their own clothes from their skinflint father's cast-offs...I am fully expecting these days of forced tv-less-ness to open a gusher of blog-creativity. It's inevitable after such deprivation as you have endured. Cute pics!

  2. New T.V !! Yay you guys .. Nice move Russ, you're such a great husband and Dad.Just look at those animated little faces
    ( and very funny Teri.)

  3. Very nice! I want wanna those! Maybe for my 40th birthday this summer?