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I have no words


Just laughter. 

Cooper showed me this yesterday. He was quite proud of it and laughed out loud at himself while looking over my shoulder as I read it. 


Wow. Classic boy if I ever saw it.

Please note the ear wax coming out of the ear, the holes in the teeth, dripping nose, bright red zits, "rosy cheek" (had to ask on that one), and as Cooper pointed out, the tiny speck on the inside corner of the eye - an "eye booger". 

I seriously laughed out loud. A lot. 

And then thought, should I be slightly concerned here??

(Also, as a mother I would like to point out that the part about the cavities is in fact NOT true. Thank you.) 


  1. Oh my....I laughed hysterically and am now going to email this to everyone I know. Kids are so hilarious. :)

  2. Jodi, you could publish a book of Cooper's drawings, illustrations, etc. Too cute.

  3. Ha,ha! Cooper is funny! I like the eye booger:)I'll have to show this to my boys!

  4. hahaha :) That should go in the things-to-show-his-future-girlfriend pile.

  5. yeah I'm with you Lauralee...jsut what I was it mom, to pull it out when the 40-minute-hairstyling-bathroom-getting-ready-to-go-to-school times start up.