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Hello 2011


For the NINTH year in a row we ditched our kids let our kids sleep over at their grandparents and brought in the new year partying with our peeps. 

It's the best party of the year.

If you like to play games that is. Because there are a LOT of games. 

There's also enough food to feed a school bus full of children.

And a little dancing to "Dynamite" blasting from the stereo, at least three times throughout the evening because when Erik likes a song it never gets old.  

Goodbye 2010 - you were wonderful and fun, except for all the dental drama, and most of all you went by very, very fast.

Hello 2011 - I'm hoping you'll bring me a finished add-on and about 30 lbs of weight loss. That's not too much for a girl to ask, right?

Russell suggested we pick two new year's resolutions each and then tell them to each other. I told him he was too late, I'd already picked mine AND his. He didn't really appreciate being told what his resolutions should be so I gave him my top "recommendations" instead. 

I mean come on, who wouldn't want to improve their dirty-laundry-picking-up habits in the new year?

I guess he had loftier ideas of being a better husband/father/servant of God or something like that. Which, okay fine, sound like good goals and all, but I still think my idea was top-notch.

Happy New Year from the Halversons!


  1. I love your NYR...It is an addition to my own list.
    I think I will link you today.

  2. Cute pic of you and Russ. And I like your NYR waaaaay better than Russell's (maybe I can secretly make that one Erik's too!)

  3. Great pictures...especially love the shot of you & Russ.... gorgeous!

    Although there's a special place in my heart for Jana getting down to Dynamite too!

  4. Loved the recap, fun pics! I'm not sure if that picture is of me dancing or trying to avoid Eric's vicious arms flailing about. I think I was in the process of ducking under them! Ha ha

  5. Upon closer examination... yes Jana your face does say "duck" rather than "I'm getting down with my bad self."

    I retract my earlier statement of Jana dancing and instead would like to say I enjoy the picture of Jana and the near miss of being clobbered by the dynamite dancers! (Erik & Cara)

  6. Great pics and recap Jod , and yes..great pic of you and Russ. I'm right behind you on your druthers! ;D