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I am in the depths of The Hunger Games right now and don't have ONE. SINGLE. MOMENT to write about my very non-consequential day yesterday. 

Except to tell you that I made the error of driving Russell's evil car to Weight Watchers after dark and halfway there the headlights went out while I was going 50 mph. First the darn thing locked me in, now it's just trying to kill me! Thankfully I was still out in the country and there were no cars behind me because I came to a dead-halt in about 2 seconds flat. The lights then came right back on again and I drove 35 mph the rest of the way with no further incident. Unless you count the bad word I may or may not have called the car

(In case you are interested, I was down 1.2 lbs at weigh in. Seeing as that I used up all my extra weekly points by Sunday, I consider this to be quite a successful first week.)

Anyway, instead of the lengthy blog post that I can never seem to get away from, please enjoy this piece of adorableness!

This picture of my nephew Elijah makes me smile every time I see it. 

"Elijah, you are so cute Auntie wants to steal you!"

That would be a crime though so I hijacked his picture instead. Off my sister's facebook page, which is why it may be a bit blurry. 

Alright, enough idle chit-chat! Back to my book!


  1. Adorable, endearing blog, like you.
    Oh my Kelly, he is just too cute for words...I want to squeeze him and hold past words-cute!

  2. I'm with Jodi I want to steal him too! And I'm o.k. with being a criminal:)

  3. Hunger Games was one of my favorite series this past year! You have to read all three or you'll miss out ;)

  4. Those chubby cheeks! And the leg rolls! Oh my he's a doll. I'll have to check those books out. I could use a good read right about now!

  5. NO LADIES HE'S ALL MINE!!! Really! And he loves his Auntie Jodi oodles!!!

    And I'll be checking out those books now too... ready for my next big series!!

  6. Totally thought hunger games meant you were struggling with not eating ..all the way till Joi's comment ....( yeah I know ..there's no explanation for me )

  7. Okay... I'm just going to admit I've come back to your page umpteen times today just so i can stare at Elijah's picture again. Awwww... sure love that kid!

  8. So please tell us what terrible name you called the car. It must have been a name you learned from Russell (haha). I'm with your mom in the thinking you were suffering hunger pains?

  9. Oh Mum and Tim... funny. You didn't notice I linked the title to amazon or said "BACK TO MY BOOK" at the end? ha ha.

    Tim I only wrote that I MAY have said a bad word... we'll never know... ;)

  10. Way to go! 1.2 pounds is great! Yay you!!