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Blog brain


I tried to write a blog past last night and came up with... nothin'. Literally. It's the first time since I started this little ol' blog that I had a real and serious case of BLOG BRAIN. I think it may be from all the late night reading binges that have been going on. 

Oh yes, The Hunger Games is finished already and it took all the self-control I possessed to not download the second book in the series to my kindle and start it immediately, at 11:35 pm last night. Instead I went to bed and this morning I swept, vacuumed and mopped my floors before heading to a lovely brunch at my mother in law's. 

She made me quiche. I looove quiche. My husband hates it and refuses to eat it so I've stopped bothering to make it or buy the delicious two pack from Costco that I gaze at wishfully every time I stroll by the refrigerated case. Because if I buy them or make them I will eat them all by myself and gain 20 pounds. 

Look at me having self-control all over the place!

I wish the same could be applied to my chocolate and dessert loving tendencies, sadly it is not so.

Which makes me wonder what I'm in for tomorrow because I'm headed to the Portland Bridal Show with my cousin Linley and a group of friends and if they have wedding treat samples all over the place, so help me, I'm a goner!

I have no idea if they will or not, I've never been before. But I'm really excited to go because, hellooo, runway fashion show!!! If that doesn't shout out my name I don't know what does. 

That, and "procrastinates cleaning floors until it's embarrassing because she despises mopping".

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