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Another list


1. American Idol started last night. And I just found out today. What has happened to me? I used to be "in the know" on these kinds of things! I blame the loss of our TV reception and refusal to get satellite or cable. Thank goodness for Netflix and the promise of 5 more seasons of Monk to watch.

But seriously, if you DVR the show I will accept your weekly invitation over immediately. 

2. My sister started a blog and you need to check it out because A) it's super cute and fun. B) it will make you very, very hungry, and C) I don't want to be alone here in my puddle of drool over her fine dishes. And pots and pans. And adorable babies.

3. And speaking of hunger, I read the last two books in The Hunger Games series in the last two days. Yes, when the mood hits I am quite the voracious reader. I won't say much in case you want to check them out yourselves, except to say that they (mostly the last one) didn't end up being quite what I expected and I agree with my friend Annie L., the first book was definitely the best. 

4. My lovely Grandma in New Zealand writes to ask how I did on Weight Watchers this week... down another pound Grandma, thanks for asking!

5. This text message from my husband made me laugh yesterday: (while at the doctor's waiting for an x-ray) "they're checking to make sure I don't have nimmonia". 

Oh Russell, your spelling errors never cease to crack me up. I made sure to make fun of him in my reply of course. Because he just loves it when I correct him on things like that. 

6. Today I finished calling through 7 printed pages of local businesses, asking for donations for my kid's school benefit auction. Not a fun task you may think but I wasn't a part-time telemarketer during college for nothin! I busted through that list baby!

7. The telemarketing job only lasted 7 months actually. Lord help me, that was MORE than enough. After that I moved on to bigger and better things, working as a customer service rep in a call center. That's right - people had to call ME now!

A 20 year old me on what looks to be the world's most giant cell phone.

8. Alright it wasn't that great either. People can be nasty no matter whom called who. But once I became a supervisor I quite enjoyed myself.

9. Not enough to keep me from quitting once I had my first child however.

10. How did this turn into my work resume? AMERICAN IDOL, PEOPLE. CALL ME.


  1. Such a cute photo Jod..and yay with the W.W. report.

  2. I love the whole post! Come be my American idol buddy! And, of CORSE we can't FORGIT TWO rib Russ JIST a little bit on his SPILLING error now can WEE?!