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What I Wore Wednesday - Christmas break


Just enjoying our Christmas break here... lazy mornings, late nights, much reading on the new kindle, you get the gist. 

For anyone that regularly visits on WIWWs you'll be pleased to know that on Christmas morning THE BOOTS LANDED! My detailed and descriptive wish list email worked like a charm - especially when Russ printed it off and took it to the mall with him. Apparently the sales associates were quite impressed with my thoroughness :)

Wednesday: baking day then Wed. night church
top: Target
jeans: Levi's - Kohl's
Uggs: ebay
scarf: ??

Thursday: took kids Christmas shopping for each other
top: JC Penny
cami: Shade
jeans: Gap - Goodwill
same Uggs: ebay

 Saturday: Christmas #1
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
gray cami: Diviine Modestee
skinny jeans: Target
cardy Uggs: Merry Christmas to me! 

from my honey :)

Sunday: Christmas #2
cardigan: Target
ruffle tank: Old Navy
skinny jeans: Lauren Conrad - Kohl's
same new Uggs :)
Monday: basketball tournament day 1
tunic: Kmart
cardigan: Target
skinny jeans: Target
Uggs: that's right, three days in a row, people!
necklace: Romy

Tuesday: basketball tournament day 2
I am nothing if not a devoted coach's wife ;)
shirt dress: Charlotte Russe (4.99!)
leggings: Walmart
boots: Costco
beanie: ??

Today the ground is covered in snow and the fireplace is warm... I'm planning on sweats all day!

Linking to The Pleated Poppy HERE.

Have a great week my friends!


  1. It's been a while since I've dropped by.
    I must say, your cuteness never ends. Love your clothes and YAY for you with the new boots! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you have a happy new year! Blessings to you! Stay warm!!!!

  2. Super cute outfits. My favorite is the tunic from KMart!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your last outfit! LOVE. I have those same Uggs and they are always on my feet! So long as the weather is below 50...otherwise the fur burns me up! :)


  4. love the purple ruffle cardi from target!

  5. super cute outfits....the last one is my fav! i love following wiww....great clothing inspiration!

  6. Cute, cute!!
    You should be on the cover of a magazine girl!
    Fun to see,

  7. You have some really cute outfits. I really love your last one!!!

  8. I agree with Pat, you should be in a magazine Jodi. You inspire me everytime I see you.

  9. Did you look at the tag because I think the Uggs were really meant for me ;) Love you xoxoxoxo