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untied shoes


Lately Blake has formed the very annoying habit of untying his shoelaces while we're driving in the car. This means that when we get wherever we're going I have to re-tie them before getting him out of his car seat. Which is not fun to do when it's windy and raining out. And we live in Oregon so, hello wind and rain.

There has been much: "Blake you may not untie your shoes while we drive - it's a no-no!" going on from the front seat of the car because of this.

So Tuesday, after leaving bible study and driving for all of one minute, I hear this from the backseat:

"Uh-oh Mommy, shoes! Uh-oh..."

And my immediate response was, "Blaaaaaake, did you untie your shoes?!"

I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions however because Blake instantly replied back:

"No Mommy I didn't, my fingers did!"

OH. Well... never mind then... I guess :)

Age: 2 1/2. Make-me-laugh ability: A+


  1. Wow, this pics show just how big he is getting! Liked the finger comment. Way to think fast on your feet (uh,or shoes!), Blake!

  2. Hahahaha! Adorable, and I agree that picture does show how big his is getting. :)

  3. Well this certainly explains a lot. Last week out of the blue, and for the first time ever Hayden started taking his shoes and socks off in the car, way to be an influence Blake!!!!

    Of course Hayden's response when I said, "Why did you do that?" was, (big eyes, look of shock) "Oh no, what happened?" like someone mysteriously came and removed them without his knowledge and he's just as shocked as I am.

    At least Blake is somewhat honest! Good thing those boys are cute I tell you... GOOD THING!!

  4. I guess that's better than him saying the devil made me do it?

  5. totally - mini Russell!!

  6. My son, also 2 1/2, regularly unties his shoes in the car, then takes them off and flings them at the driver (me!).
    And I live in Wisconsin, so I hear you on the cold, wind, rain/snow thing.

  7. TMG=teri aka mom gramaDecember 3, 2010 at 7:06 AM

    Love your comments Trish...and Russ used to nearly send his dad around the bend with his backseat unannounced, random...SCREECHES! even the memory makes me spill my coffee