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This boy


Warms my heart daily. 

He is so different from both Russ and I... shy, embarrassed of any sort of spotlight, analytical, emotional, frustrated when he can't do things perfectly... and thoughtful, smart, precise, caring, loving, sweet, and funny. Really funny!

Okay, that part is just like his father. 

Cooper will do things like stare at the clock in consternation when you tell him at 6:03 pm that he has an hour left of playtime because he's going to bed at 7:00 pm, and then turn to you and say, "No, that's only 57 minutes". 

He'll tell you that he's not nervous "at all" to go on stage for the school Christmas program and then freeze like a deer caught in the headlights as soon as he's up there and barely move a muscle.

(It's endearing, honest.)

He'll also spend hours drawing you a card or picture, hide presents under your pillow, make you breakfast as a surprise, and come up with perfect gift ideas for anyone he knows. 

A couple of days ago he remembered that my cousin Linley had flown to California to visit her grandparents for a few days and decided he wanted to send her a postcard.

Always one to encourage my children's thoughtfulness, I told him I didn't have a postcard so he was out of luck. 

He then suggested that he could make one and I told him that I thought they had to be a specific size and I didn't know what it was so that was probably a no-go as well. Cooper would not let it go, he'd make a card and an envelope. I informed him that she was coming home on Tuesday so sadly it would probably pass her in the mail on her way home.

Aren't I an awesome Mom?

Finally Cooper came up with the perfect solution. We could drive to her apartment and leave it on her front door to welcome her home. 

Shoot, I had no comeback for that one. So I told him that was a great idea and to go ahead with his card.

He never minds sharing the credit either - even when it's undue.

Yep, that boy is good for me. In more ways than one.


  1. Okay... not sure that I was EVER a prouder Auntie... that Cooper, warms my heart too!!! LOVE YOU COOP!!!

  2. I love this boy....

  3. aaahhh,Cooper! What a guy:) And nice handwriting too!

  4. You got tears from me this morning....Some of which were from how much bigger he is looking. Your kids are suppose to stay small so I can play with them like small babies....

  5. How can can you not go into mush after that! You can't help but love that boy !
    ( We Grandparents reserve the right to be biased and doting ) yep dote...dote...dote :D

  6. He gets all of that loving crap from me his father.....honest:)

  7. Now you know why I love Cooper so much. His goodbye letter to me at the end of the school year brought me to tears. He is such a great boy.

  8. Oh Cooper your ARE the greatest! and just so you know, i had a fantastic time visiting my grandpa and i did take plenty of photos! i will be happy to show them to you next time i see you :)
    LOVE you so much COOPER
    From your cousin Linley

  9. As his Nanna I can see that he takes a lot after his Papa, no bias here of course just the facts.Ha, What a great family!!! I love you all.