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Sometimes I really embarrass myself


Monday night I went down to the high school gym to watch my husband's team play. Sitting on the seats he'd saved for me and the kids was a gift bag filled with goodies from some of our friends and I smiled as I looked around to thank them, but I couldn't find them. Instead, I showed my neighbors sitting behind and next to me and then the kids when they came over to inspect the contents. 

I continued to hold the bag on my lap as I visited with a friend, until a highschooler came over and started to take the bag. Naturally, I grabbed it back and said "hey!" with a smile, wondering what he was doing. 

"I'm taking it to my Mom" he explained.

I glanced over at his mother a few rows away and smilingly accused her of wanting to steal one of the contents of the gift bag, assuming she'd seem me showing it off. 

But instead she told me the gift bag was actually hers, she'd received it earlier in the afternoon and had just loaned it to Russell to save my seat.

And then I died of embarrassment. 

What made it worse was that the scene was almost an exact replica of one of my most embarrassing high school moments: Valentines Day, 1997.

I was a senior and Russell had already graduated but I fully expected to get some sort of delivery during the school day because that would be Russell all over. Sure enough, after the first morning break I came to my locker that I shared with a friend and opened it to find two beautiful roses and a stuffed animal inside. I squealed and spun around, looking for Russ to jump out from behind a corner. Not finding him, I actually searched the hallways for a bit before taking my gifts and making my way to my next class, being sure to show the items off to everyone I passed on the way.

As I entered the room I proudly announced and displayed my surprise to my English classmates, only to have my locker-mate say "Oh Jodi, I'm sorry, those were for me!"

Yeah, her boyfriend gave them to her. 

I ABSOLUTELY died of embarrassment right then and there. 

It was painful

Even after I received a delivery of a dozen roses and 2 helium balloons at lunch time.

But here I am now, almost 14 years later, and apparently I still haven't learned my lesson.

When you don't find your name 
on a card or note that is
attached to a gift, 
for heaven's sake ask around before
assuming something is for you!

Also, perhaps don't be such a show off...


  1. Bahaha!!! Thanks for the morning laugh ~ I needed that!

  2. That's hilarious. You are so brave to share that! It's good to be able to laugh at yourself! :D

  3. Your DIL laughed his head off at work and shared with coworkers...reminded him of time in HS when he walked into the gym with only cup protector & tee shirt...

  4. Oh, Jods, I love you! You and your little mishaps. I have to admit that's totally embarrassing (but totally hilarious at the same time!) And really? How do you not know that you only have a t-shirt and cup protector on?!:)

  5. Jodi ( I am embarrrased with you there.. couldn't laugh) but..only you could pull that off and come up smelling of roses. totally cracked up reading Tricia's comment though.

  6. Oh no!! Those are the worst situations to be in! I sympathize and laugh all at the same time ;)