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My new shopping sidekick


Yesterday was shopping day and since the kids are on break I took Kendall with me, leaving the boys behind to do whatever it is that boys do. 

Kendall had Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket and I had a few gift cards as well so between the two of us we had four different stores we wanted to stop at, besides the regular grocery stops and the lovely errands of picking up a prescription and stopping at the DEQ to renew my registration. 

By the end of the day we had made ELEVEN stops, and didn't pull into the driveway until almost 7:00 pm. And we had a blast.

Here is why Kendall is my new preferred sidekick:

- She has boundless energy. She never walked - she skipped, bounced, danced, and jigged her way around every store and parking lot. While this was funny to watch, it also meant that she didn't burn out after the first couple of stops (a necessary skill when shopping with me!)

- She is as friendly as her father and in all her dealings with random strangers throughout the day she not only garnered several compliments but also a dollar and a mini-perfume. Nicely done, girlfriend!

- She is an enthusiastic shopper and a generous compliment giver. After about every single thing I tried on at Old Navy she would exclaim "Oh my gosh, I would wear that RIGHT NOW. That looks sooo cute!!". Well, I better buy it then shan't I?!

- She loves herself some Quiznos broccoli cheese soup as much as her mother. 

- When she would start to get bored and whine I whipped her back into shape with a little "this is the time where you have to chose to have a good attitude" or "be a fun shopping partner for Mommy", and it would work! Can't really do that with my friends... or my husband... so bonus points for Kendall!

I'm looking forward to a lot of things in 2011, and now one of them is more shopping trips with my daughter! 

Happy New Year!


  1. I can't wait for my girls to be old enough to enjoy shopping. And I love the picture! How do girls just know how to pose? Hazel and Amelia already stand with their hands on their hips and they are only 3 and almost 2!

  2. Aww, I love this! My daughter is only four but she already seems to have great shopping-partner abilities: she can withstand several hours in the fabric store looking through pattern books and finding cute fabrics, something I certainly couldn't do at the age. Huuray for Kendall! She is an example to daughters everywhere!