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Monday confessional - the white stuff


First off, I need to let you know that I have a few little "addictions". Nothing serious of course, just some things I CAN'T SEEM TO LIVE WITHOUT.

1. Facebook (but really, aren't we all?)
2. Naps
3. White chocolate mochas
4. White chocolate anything

Which leads to my confession. Last week I bought a multi-pack of flavored hot chocolate packets from Costco. My kids love drinking the stuff and it's especially nice to have over the holidays. I put the boxes out on the counter for the family to pick from and they were excited to have FIVE flavor choices. 

But the truth is I didn't actually show them all of the flavors... it was a 7 pack, not a 5 pack.

These are hiding in my "special" drawer. 

And I'm not willing to share. 

Is that wrong of me? 


  1. Absolutely NOT!! I would have done the same thing!! YUMMY

  2. Well, answer this and I'll tell you...when Russ was little he noticed I often came out of the bathroom with a chocolate scent...I told him it was something to do with being a mom. Did I lie?

  3. I may ..or may not have done this sort of thing many times before.. I think it's O.K :D

  4. I have a secret place also....Mine is hiding black licorice. Am I allowed to splurge before breakfast.

  5. Well you're much nicer than me. I bought the same set last year but just took those exact two boxes and write "hands off" with sharpie marker... at least people don't know what they're missing out on your way!

  6. Ha ha Teri, smelling like chocolate definitely has to do with being a Mom! Thanks for reassuring me girls :)

  7. I Love Love the Mint flavor!! But now, thanks to you, I will be on the hunt for the Peppermint and White Chocolate!!!