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Monday Confessional - the tree


Christmas is only five days away and this is the state of our Christmas tree...

We just got it on Saturday. And put it up last night. And then two of my strands of lights wouldn't work, which led me to drive to the only open store at 10:00 pm in the evening in our small town in search of more. 

Obviously it was not a successful trip. 

Why did we just get a tree this past weekend you ask, when Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and you'd think I would have had it up for a month already? 

Well, as often happens during the wintertime trifecta that I like to call basketball season/Russell's job/Russell's side business... it just hadn't worked out until now. We attempted it the weekend before, but had to go do something else first and by the time we were finished daylight was all but gone. So we spontaneously took our kids out to a restaurant instead (the first one we saw driving by), in all of our Christmas tree hunting gear glory.

I never thought I'd see the day where I dined out in these beauties:

I was stunning. And embarrassed. It was worth it though - Russ and I very much enjoy our kids and family time together and we had a riot with them that night.

dining out at the Redland cafe.
Now, to trick them into letting me decorate the tree exactly the way I want, all while letting them think that they are helping me - that's the sole object of my day today!


  1. The tree looks great... or at least better than our tree. Oh... we don't have a tree this year. Maybe you can leave the tree up until the end of January so you get the full enjoyment out of it?

  2. I have more lights if you need them. I only used 7 strands on my tree this year instead of 10

  3. 10 strands! Holy cow women! Cute pic of the kids, Jods:)

  4. Blake's smile is a scene stealer.
    I got our tree, power-sawed a new end, then...Gary decorated our tree last night....let's just say it looked absolutely beautiful...for an office. Totally hygienic. Then I took over....He said it looked much better before I put on all that clutter. He was referring to the kids and family given ornaments...silly man!