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In my world, disaster is finding out five days after my latest dental surgery that I have to go back and have it REDONE. Painful shots, cut gums and all.

Forget earthquakes and flooding. This news was devastating. Turns out my body has abnormal super-powers when it comes to tissue healing and the gums that were supposed to recede back around the newest additions to my mouth were in fact quickly growing up and over them.

To me this seems to be just one more talent that has absolutely no real use in my life. Like my ability to remember the names of celebrities, movies and music, etc. and factoids about them that I hear on the news or online, even if I've never seen them or heard them myself. So far the only time that skill has come in handy is during certain board games. Or winning arguments about where we recognize that actor from. (Which actually is quite handy now that I think about it.)

Anywho. Yesterday was the day for the dental redo and Mum, my unsung hero, came to the rescue once again and watched my kids. For about the 4th time in the past 10 days. I don't know what I would do without her. I love you Mum! 

When I walked back into my parents house after the fated oral surgeon visit this is the sight I was met with. 

My dad, hemming his own work pants. All thoughts of my poor mouth were out the window, I HAD to take a picture. 

Dear husband: 
remember when you tried to give me a really
hard time last weekend because I wouldn't iron 
your shirt for you for the Christmas service at church?
And then you talked of "wifely duties" and I instantly 
swore off ironing for you for the rest of my life? 
Remember that sweet little moment we had?
Look who irons and then hems his own pants!

p.s. all firewood duty CLEARLY still belongs to you.

For some reason my day just didn't seem so disastrous after that.


  1. Your poor mouth. I hope this is the last one you have to go through? I wore my shirt and pants to church rinkly because I didn't feel like ironing and I know my wife was still way to sore from helping me get fire wood:-)

  2. Just to back you up some more Jodi, Erik irons all his own stuff!! "Wifely duties"... clearly Russ had some kind of head trauma:)

  3. can you always make me laugh...and tear-up?