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Dental woes


Yesterday I had one more dental procedure in a loooonnnnggg line of dental procedures that have occurred over the course of my life since I was 8 years old and broke my face. 

Well, my jaw technically, in two places. That healed up just fine. The real problem was with my front two teeth that broke off and eventually died at the roots. I've had veneers, root canals, crowns, and most recently, dental implants. 

Thankfully the end is in sight, and that's what I told myself as I geared up for yesterday's appointment, which I knew would involve injections into my gum, the WORST place for needles in my opinion. Before the shots they put some numbing gel on my gum, which for some odd reason makes me want to giggle like it's laughing gas, every time! I know it's not. I can't help it. I think it's the smell. Anyway, the nurse put it on and I had to immediately pinch my lips together and stare at the ceiling as I mentally repeated to myself, "it's NOT laughing gas, it's NOT laughing gas".

I have no explanation.

After the appointment I was given a prescription for Vicodin (which I didn't fill) and gauze for the bleeding (my gum was cut open and then stitched up again, among other things - fun times), and I headed to Fred Meyer to pick up some sort of pudding for my dinner. 

And that's where I acted like I was on serious drugs, even though I had none in me. I was loony, that's all there was to it. Maybe from all the blood I was swallowing? Guys, I was in the store for almost AN HOUR. FOR PUDDING. 

You see, I remembered I needed a gift for Cooper's class party and headed to toys. Then I remembered I also needed gifts for our "give-a-gift" child at church so I picked those out and left the toy department and headed all the way over to groceries for my pudding (opposite side of the department store) before I remembered that I hadn't picked the toy for Cooper's class. So while in the food department I bought some waffle pretzels to make pretzel hugs for the class party and then headed back to toys, forgetting my pudding. And it pretty much went like that... back and forth, back and forth, a present for my bible study Christmas party, a new toothbrush because mine mysteriously disappeared that morning, and finally, some ibuprofen because all the numbing had finally worn off and I still hadn't left for home yet and OH THE PAIN!

Worst of all, I remembered at check out that I was supposed to be at the school 4 MINUTES AGO to pick up Cooper from basketball practice. Eeeeekkk! Emergency call to sister-in-law Trish who saved my bacon and then a call to my husband to explain that I was losing my mind and to please be ready to be on full duty the second I arrived home. 

Bottom line: I feel like a huge wimp. And skipping the Vicodin was a mistake.

But the pudding is delicious :)
Does this container look empty? If you can't tell then neither will I :)


  1. oooh you make me hurt and laugh. I can't take V either...but I do have some stuff you can have if you still hurt from my broken-leg days

  2. Jodi, you one brave cookie! And if it makes you feel any better, I have known to wander thru Fred Meyer on several occasions. It's something in the air that circulates in that store! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Ouch... glad it was you and not me. I hate getting shots in my mouth. I feel like a big baby every time I go to the dentist. Hope you are feeling better soon. We love seeing that beautiful smile!

  4. I would never be brave enough to skip the pain killers! But I COMPLETELY understand getting the giggles when laughing gas is no where in sight at the Dentist Office... I think it's supressed child memories that associate the feeling of laughing gas when sitting in the dentist chair.

  5. Oh Jodi... it's the worst kind of day that makes for the best blogs... thanks for making me laugh AGAIN. And I'm glad the end of those dental procedures is drawing near for you... no more shots, no more procedures... of course you'll have to come up with another excuse to eat pudding now but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you. Love you!

  6. Days like that are when you are suppose to have your Mother with you!!..I had no idea they were going to put you through so much ..I am glad that you didn't actually leave the store with out your pudding though..way worse!! love you.

  7. Jody, it sounds to me like you needed someone to drive you home. You should have called for backup (then I could have bought pudding also!) Dental procedures are nothing to mess with, just ask Nic and Cole:)

  8. i sooo feel you. i just went in for a root canal and it was probably the best thing ever ... after a natural childbirth! ouch! feel better soon and live it up on the pudding in the meantime;)
    Yours Mine and Ours